UK Hearthstone players are rapping for Global Games votes

uk hearthstone players rapp 1

Voting opened for the Hearthstone Global Games national teams earlier this week, and some UK players are going to extraordinary lengths for votes.
J4ckiechan first posted this rap video yesterday:

The video has been watched more than 20,000 times, giving J4ckiechan a good shot at getting some extra votes.
Caster Excoundrel then put out his own rap video in a bid to get BoarControl some votes:

Former Team Dignitas player GreenSheep then got involved with his own rap.
Well, it took him a few attempts…

But he finally ended up with a rap him and his viewers were happy with:

So there you have it. The UK Hearthstone scene can rap (sort of)!
This is definitely not the kind of article we were expecting to write today.

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