Voting opens for team UK players at Hearthstone Global Games

team uk hearthstone global 1

You can now vote for the players you want to see represent team UK at the $300,000 Hearthstone Global Games.
Fans can vote for one player on the Global Games website here. The three players with the most votes will join their respective country’s team, joining the anchor player who has already qualified. In the case of team UK, that would be Georgec.
The eight UK players eligible for the vote include:

  • Blackout
  • J4ckiechan
  • GreenSheep
  • Cipher
  • Meati
  • BoarControl
  • Jambre
  • Ness

Voting ends on March 13th.
The Hearthstone Global Games were announced earlier this year. 48 teams will represent each participating country.
Check out this handy video providing an overview of each player up for the public vote:

Elsewhere, the UK’s next ESL Premiership Hearthstone split is shaping. Some of the players for the next split have qualified – including Ness and GreenSheep – with the full line-up being announced next week.
Former Team Dignitas player GreenSheep also recently qualified for the Winter Championship.

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