Orgs fight to sign UK Overwatch 'super team'

overwatch mga finals london 1

An all-star UK Overwatch team has formed – and already has three different orgs fighting over them.
Esports News UK has heard that EndPoint, Reason and Excel are hoping to acquire the team, and we have reached out to them for clarification.
While ESL UK has this week scrapped its Overwatch Spring 2017 Premiership, it’s believed the team is hoping to compete in other UK tournaments and bigger competitions across Europe.
The team has five UK players and one EU player, including former Reason, EndPoint and Penta players.
Rumours suggest a few orgs are even considering offering them salaries, though that’s to be confirmed.
One source told Esports News UK anonymously: “These guys are the real f*cking deal, seriously. They’ve been on opposing teams in the past, but now they’re together they could become one of the greatest esports teams in the world.”
Another source added: “ESL UK actually cancelled their Spring Prem because they were scared this team would just steamroll everyone else.”
One of the sources told us about the Man U Fnatic Overwatch bidding war story last year, however, which turned out to be a load of codswallop, so it’s worth taking what they say with a barrel of salt.

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