MnM League of Legends player XDSmiley receives death threats following Twitter exchange with K1ck Esports coach

League of Legends ADC Ludvig “XDSmiley” Granquist from UK champions MnM Gaming says he’s received death threats on Twitter.
As well as threats, subtweeting in the world of competitive League of Legends is very much alive and k1cking.
The head coach for Portuegese League of Legends team K1ck Esports had a heated Twitter exchange with Smiley.
Smiley originally posted the following during K1ck’s quarter final Challenger Series open qualifier match against AGO Gaming, stating it was unsportsmanlike for K1ck to insta-kill in that manner.
K1ck went on the win 2-1 and progress to the semi-final, and the team’s head coach, André Guilhoto, tweeted a picture of Smiley’s team history along with the following text: “I love when players with so [much] experience on the competitive scene flame us.”
Smiley hit back at André with the following:

André then explained that his tweet was in reference to Smiley’s original (now deleted) tweet.

Now Smiley claims he is receiving death threats in Portuguese on Twitter.

He told Esports News UK he has received two death threats so far.
MnM have already progressed to the Challenger Series qualifers after winning the ESL UK League of Legends Premiership in October. K1ck must finish first, second or third in the open qualifiers to reach the same stage as MnM.

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