ESL UK studio to host RuneScape's Deadman Invitational with real-life 'Blue Moon Inn'

deadman invitational 2016 esl uk 1

The next Old School RuneScape Deadman Invitational will take place at ESL UK Studio 1 in Leicester this month.
The Winter 2016 tournament – a permanent death, free-for-all competition with $10,000 on the line for the last player standing – will get underway on Saturday December 17th.
ESL UK’s studio will feature competitions, freebies, a real-life iteration of RuneScape’s ‘Blue Moon Inn’ and a developer Q&A for the audience at the event.
As with previous Deadman Invitational tournaments, thousands of Old School RuneScape players will enter the battle royale server.
Past Deadman Invitationals have reached a peak of 90,000 concurrent viewers, and there has been three shows so far.
For more info and tickets, check out the link in ESL UK’s tweet below.

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