Which UK League of Legends teams are looking for new players?

With so many people playing League of Legends around the world, the eSports scene that surrounds it is massive and only getting bigger.
So at eSports news UK, we wanted to create a dedicated place for UK and EU teams who are looking to start new League of Legends teams, or fill a gap in their current roster, while providing a place for players to come and fulfill their dream of competing at a higher level in the game they love.
Here are the teams who’ve told us they currently have openings:

GLB eSports

About the team:
GLB, a UK-based organisation since early 2014, started out as a group of friends that quickly grew into a hub for some exciting amateur European League of Legends teams.
The team is back and ready for 2017 as they look to bring in a new roster of talent and push to qualify for the ESL UK Premiership. The team have had success before, coming first at the Insomnia57 amateur tournament, and also coming third in the ESL UK qualifier, as well as finishing third in their group at this year’s ESL UK Premiership.
They are looking for players and experienced staff.
What the team is looking for:
– Someone who lives within the EU
– A vocal player
– Fluent English-speaking players
– Experienced staff
– Diamond 1+
– Meta champion pool
Apply for GLB here


About the team:
Formed in 2015, SurrealGG has grown their teams to feature rosters in CSGO, Overwatch and DOTA 2; they also added a second UK CSGO team to their ranks in October. Now SurrealGG is looking to expand into League of Legends, to build an EU team to compete and represent the organisation.
What the team is looking for:
– All lanes required
– Fluent English-speaking players
– EU-based players
– High platinum/Diamond rank
– Someone who works as part of a dedicated team
SurrealGG would also be looking to bring in someone to build a roster, using the organisation to support them.
Apply for SurrealGG here: contact@surrealgg.com

Molotovs and Marshmallows

About the team:
Formed in 2014, the UK-based organisation has set out with the goal to “provide passionate players with the means to expand on their skill”.
MnM has branched out into multiple games since 2014, boasting rosters in CSGO, Overwatch, Trackmania and League of Legends.
The MnM League of Legends team recently won the ESL UK Summer 2016 Premiership and are currently sitting high in the UK Masters league table.
What the team is looking for:
– MnM is currently holding open trials for the top lane
Apply for MnM here

Demise Pro

About the team:
Formed in April 2016, Demise have grown rapidly onto the European scene. With a team competing in this latest season of the ESEA, two UK Hearthstone players and the recent addition of their Dota 2 team, the UK-based org is going from strength to strength as they look to expand into League of Legends and build on their first year in eSports.
What the team is looking for:
– EU-based players
– Building a fresh team
– Diamond 2+
– Strong communication skills
Apply for Demise Pro here: hello@demise.pro

Newcastle Jaguars

About the team:
Started up by two friends with the express aim of creating a top UK League of Legends team, the Newcastle Jaguars are on the rise. The team have had the pleasure of working with players such as Innaxe the God, aviril and C9 Brad of Perilous Void.
The team currently compete in the CompeteLeague with a Platinum roster but are now looking to expand into the ESL UK Premiership and the UK Masters.
What the team is looking for:
– UK players
– All lanes required
– Diamond+
– Willing to adapt their schedule to fit the team
Apply for the Newcastle Jaguars here
About the team:
Omega eSports is an up and coming eSports organisation looking to recruit rosters for Call of Duty and League of Legends. Omega eSports is looking to create a welcoming atmosphere for players and staff alike.
What the team is looking for:
– Staff members (Coach, Analyst, Team Manager)
– UK Based team (All roles)
– Team Subs (For members who can’t commit 100% but still want to be involved)
Apply for OMEGA by sending them a DM on Twitter


About the team:
Formed in August 2016, Abnormal are growing with rapid speed in Europe and North America. Abnormal boasts an impressive number of teams in CS:GO,Call of Duty and Overwatch. With the world’s most popular MOBA League of Legends the team’s next destination.
What the team is looking for:
– EU Players
– All lanes required
– Diamond 2+
– Coach /Analyst
Apply for Abnormal on DM on Twitter or via business@teamabnormal.com
About the team:
exceL was established in 2014 building a team based on their core values, Commitment,Professionalism and Integrity. The organisation has teams in Counter-Strike, League of Legends, Hearthstone, FIFA, Gear of War and Smite. The League of Legends team has been a mainstay in the UK ESL Premiership and on the UK lane circuit.
What the team is looking for:
– UK/EU Players
– All lanes required
– Diamond 1+
– Open trial format
Apply for exceL via the online form
About the team:
Doxa esports, formed in late 2014 and is based in Belgium. DOXA has teams in a number of different games, including, but not limited to Counter-Strike, FIFA and Call of Duty. DOXA are now looking to make the step into the EU League of Legend scene.
What the team is looking for:
– UK/EU Players
– All lanes required
– Diamond 2+
– Coaching and analyst staff
Apply for DOXA via DM on Twitter 

Are you looking for players?

If you are a team looking to recruit new player, feel free to drop the author of this article David Hollingsworth a DM on Twitter as we look to add more teams to the list.

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