Memes of the Month: October 2016 (plus bonus poll: should we post a bald pic of MnM's coach?)

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Here’s some UK eSports/League of Legends memes and silliness for you this month. First up – something important we need your help with.

UK scene chickens out on bald wagers

We’re calling out a couple of pussies scaredy cats in the UK League of Legends scene this month.
Firstly, MnM coach Jordan Walsh, who said he’d go bald if MnM support player Hadow got to Challenger.
Hadow got to Challenger, and guess what, Jordan still isn’t bald.
However, he did tell eSports News UK: “I didnt end up doing it, combination of being too frightened to go bald (again) and lack of shaving equipment stopped plans. Got another bald bet in the works for if we make Challenger Series though!
“Going to be going for the Deilor bald look. Unfortunately, I have made a bald bet and lost before, I’ll keep the promise this time!”
Jordan did send us a bald photo of himself (from a previous bet), but we’re still not convinced.
What do you think? Should we post the picture on here for all of you to see, as punishment for him not keeping to his word? Let us know on Twitter or commenting at the bottom of  this article. If we get enough votes, we’ll post the picture.

UPDATE: Our readers spoke, and we delivered:
Secondly, we’re calling out serial sh*tposter Sasha, who also made a similar promise and didn’t keep to her word, blaming ‘lag’ on the reason why she’s still not bald.
What’s wrong with being bald, anyway? 😉


Twitch is definitely not an analytical forum

This was one of the key lessons UK eSports learnt this month, from a rant by former TSM League of Legends coach Jarge.
He got into a Twitter argument with exceL eSports’ coach Furndog around whether it’s okay to flame players on Twitch. Furndog said it wasn’t and Jarge said it was. The reason?

You can guess what happened next…


Caster corner

Things got pretty weird with UK casters in October…


It’s funny cos it’s true


Richard Lewis roasts

Okay it might not be UK scene, but this fellow bald Brit does have a way with dealing with random flamers on Twitter…


Old is gold

Former Choke mid-laner Ped brought back this old meme which just refuses to die.


Joekerism’s dreams crushed


FM-eSports thrilled by China


eSports News UK tricked by Sebler

We asked for your questions for Rekkles last week, and xL Sebler put forward a request. Silly old us actually went and asked it anyway.


Will the real slim shady please stand up?


Plant problems

UK League jungler Tyrin Davidson is not happy with the changes Riot is making to the jungle on Summoner’s Rift…


Ice-T gets frosty with Fnatic

Again, not UK scene related but we can use the old ‘Fnatic are technically based in London card’. Any excuse to post this:

Okay that’s your lot this month. Next month the joke’s on me, as I’m about to become a dad. Gulp. (that’s my excuse for probably posting memes of the month late in December, anyway).


Our meme aggregation articles are just supposed to be a bit of fun, so if anything has upset you, please let us know.
Did we miss anything? Have your say in the comments section below or tweet us @eSports_News_UK

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