Smash Bros Eclipse 2 recap – how did the UK's Professor Pro get on?

Eclipse 2 for Super Smash Bros. Melee and for Wii U ended earlier this month in Norway with top ranking UK players making it into the final eight players for each game.
Big names in both scenes attended, with the singles top eight consisting of Alliance|Armada, TSM|Leffen, LG|Ice, synK|Kage, Heir|Trifasia, VwS|Professor Pro, Zgetto and Alliamce|Android in Melee, and Mr R, iStudying, Sodrek, IxisNaugus, Whoophee, WiiASE and Greggs Smash 4.
Popular Smash commentator D1 also joined the European commentary table for both games, with commentary also provided by ChillinDude during Melee top eight.
Kage in particular stood out, winning over the crowd in the Loser’s bracket while using Ganondorf against Android’s Sheik.
Professor Pro earned fourth place pulling off some noteworthy conversions on Armada, but ultimately being sent to the loser’s side where he took a set over Trifasia and was eliminated by Leffen in the loser’s semi finals.
Ixis Naugus also earned fourth place after winning a close back and forth game against Badr, but falling to to iStudying on the winners side after he switched from Greninja to Cloud on game three and turned it around for a 3-2. He was then eliminated by Sodrek in loser’s semi’s.
Other highlights included Ice’s shine spikes in Melee and the tournament winning spike by Mr R’s Cloud in Smash 4.
You can find the replays over on Geeky Goon Squad’s YouTube channel.

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