aMEIzing take 1st place in ESL UK Overwatch group A as 5,000+ viewers watch – video recap

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On Tuesday, the ESL UK Overwatch Premiership continued – and aMEIzing (recently acquired by MnM) secured first place in group A.
Picking up where we left off from last week, Team Last Resort and aMEIzing competed in a best of 3 to determine who would advance to play Team EndPoint in the Group A finals.
Once again, UK Overwatch had strong viewing numbers, with an increase to 5,862 concurrent viewers from 1,200 on last week’s stream.
Reminder form last week: The storyline of this group can go anywhere. The Last Resort have faced the departure of the majority of the team and so there was a huge question mark on how they would perform.
Also, EndPoint have faced roster issues. The group seemed to present a notion that anything was possible, and one of the most unlikely storylines occurred!


The series between The Last Resort and aMEIzing was an incredible series to watch. It went to all three games, with game one being very close but going over to aMEIzing.
TLR took Lijang tower fairly convincingly, however, the third game was on Gibraltar and that game was crazy! At first it seemed TLR would win from a quicker first push and a better defence than aMEIzing.
Although, aMEIzing revamped their efforts and pushed through overtime from the first point to just short from the final point. Unfortunately for TLR, they were unable to take the first point from aMEIzing, who advanced to face EndPoint in the final.
Series MVP: I think this goes to Flarez. Much of aMEIzing’s success was down to Flarez being able to initiate fights through Ana’s ult and using it at correct times to ensure victories. Especially on the final defence (with an Ana-ulted Mei), Flarez made it very difficult to get to the payload.

The second series of the night could have been the final series of the night. Endpoint’s progression through the winner bracket granted them a bye series in case they lost their Bo5 against aMEIzing. And it proved to be useful.
aMEIzing made a strong 3-0 case against EndPoint on Dorado, Eichenwalde and Hollywood. Unfortunately, EndPoint did experience some DC issues on the end of Blizp and Showergel, which may have impacted their performance on the night.
This means that there was another Bo5 series to play. Unfortunately, the DC issues delayed the final Bo5 from both team’s players having Bnet and lag issues, but the series was eventually played offline.
The series ended 3-2 to aMEIzing, thus making them group A’s finalist at MCM Comic-Con LAN in October!
Series MVP: Lowtiergod for Mei plays on Eichenwalde. LTG played Mei well on the second point through delays and stalling on the payload.
It allowed his team to buy some time, which played  large part in Endpoint’s inability to quickly rush the payload.

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