Lolmanager: Free-to-play League of Legends eSports management game lets you build a dream team

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If you’re anything like us and grew up playing the legendary Championship Manager football simulation games, then Lolmanager might be up your street.
Akin to popular sports management titles like Football Manager, Lolmanager is the first free-to-play browser sim based on popular MOBA League of Legends. It’s essentially a text-based title that lets you manage your own professional eSports team.
You are initially tasked with naming your team and picking five starter players, including a top-laner, jungler, mid-laner, ADC and support, before coming up with a winning strategy.
You can train, buy and sell players, as well as play games, contract sponsors, hire coaches (and PR managers) and take part in leagues and tournaments.
There’s a sandbox mode, which lets you play 25 test games against randomly drawn teams that won’t affect your team’s ELO or reputation, allowing you to practice and tweak your strategy and find that winning combination.
You have to maintain a budget, acquire funding for your org and set up a training schedule for your players. UK drama not included.
Play Lolmanager for free here
Like Football Manager, there’s a live match mode which features a running commentary of what’s happening during the match, including a mini-map of Summoner’s Rift where players move around and match highlights in text.
We had a go at making our own team called ‘Gr8 B@nta M9’ and didn’t do very well, winning four games and losing six.
Plus we ended up $32,000 in debt. Dear oh dear. Looks like we’ll stick to journalism for now rather than managing a real team, but at least we can have a bit of fun trying to do it in the game.

The current state of Lolmanager

Lolmanager was developed by four guys and officially launched earlier this year. There are now more than 16,000 teams signed up in the game.
It was hit by a DDoS attack in September and the game was quickly ported over to a dedicated server.
There’s also  Lolmanager forum for players to communicate with each other and pass on feedback to the developers.
The devs have a close relationship with the players, and frequently update Lolmanager’s social media page on Twitter.
They recently hinted that Harambe could make an appearance in the game…

You can check out the game on the official Lolmanager website here

Play Lolmanager for free here

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