Ebuyer signs FM-eSports sponsorship deal

Online retailer Ebuyer.com has signed a partnership deal with UK organisation FM-eSports.
It’s Ebuyer’s latest move into the world of professional eSports, and the sponsorship deal will get underway in September. It will run for six months and there’s the option to keep it going ‘for the foreseeable future’.
Previously, Ebuyer made some activity through Enemy Down, where they held a Team Ebuyer tournament.
FM-eSports manager Darren Ball said: “We’re extremely happy to be partnering up with Ebuyer, one of the biggest names in UK online retail…
“It was clear from the get-go that both parties shared the same passion for progressing in the eSports and gaming sectors, and after meeting with many of Ebuyer’s staff, we knew that it would be a perfect match. We look forward to working with Ebuyer on some very interesting projects in the near future and we thank them for their support in the UK esports scene.”
Ebuyer’s head of marketing and BI, Andy Roberts, added: “Ebuyer.com are delighted to be formally part of the eSports world and saw the opening with such an ambitious team as a great chance to make a mark on the sport.
“eSports are undoubtedly a rapidly expanding market, with more media coverage and brand support than ever, it will continue to grow in the following years. We want to be at the heart of this development and capitalise on its progress.”
It’s great to see a big name like Ebuyer sponsoring a UK eSports team – we hope to see more big sponsorship deals like this one in the local scene going forwards.

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