Which teams are taking part in the i58 eSports tournaments this weekend?

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With Multiplay Insomnia58 getting underway this Bank Holiday weekend (August 26th to 29th), here’s our preview of the teams taking part in the main eSports tournaments.
League of Legends £8,000 open

Group stages start: Friday, 2.30pm
Final: Monday, 11.30am
There are four teams currently signed up to the League of Legends tournament: Vibrant Gaming, Ascension, Digital Warfare and exceL eSports.
However, the likes of Choke, MnM, TCA, Batmani and others are expected to turn up (thanks Barnetto), plus a few others, including a few EU teams like Melty. Team Paria have also said they’ll be in attendance.
Choke mid-laner Brixton says that Portuguese team K1CK also usually send a roster to i-series. Other teams that could turn up include uPro and ONE.
You can see some of the UK summer LoL rosters here.
On paper you would say that MnM and TCA are probably the favourites (though TCA are apparently without top-laner Yoppa), along with Choke as a potential finalist as they have a new mix team including Toaster.
Then there is League Fest, of course, which features a £15,000 Pro-Am tournament, and two teams: Team Project and Team Arcade. Each side features a mix of former pros including Dyrus and Voyboy, and up and players from the UK scene like Joekerism and Larssen (who said his team have a free win because their opponents have one more NA player than them).
Overwatch £7,500 open
Group stages start: Saturday, 12 midday
Final: Monday, 12.30pm
There are 14 Overwatch teams signed up to i58 so far, according to the Battlefy page. 
These are as follows:

  • Anarchy
  • IGI eSports
  • Tempest Gaming
  • SM Gaming
  • King’s Row Guard
  • First Rounded
  • Flash Point eSports
  • Baywatch
  • Snakey Melons
  • Computerised Gamers
  • EndPoint
  • Justice Rains from AAAAAGH
  • GamersOrigin

These is a broad mix of teams, and from their performances in the ESL UK Contender Cups recently, you’d expect Team EndPoint to make their way to the latter stages of the tournament.
Also, props to Team Justice for Harambe just for that name… we hope the casters will be reading it out in full!
Dota 2 £5,000 open
Group stages start: Friday, 2.30pm
Final: Sunday, 12 midday
There are seven teams signed up for the Dota competition as it stands:

  • S. S. Autism
  • Clan Crazy
  • The Quantic Phenomenon
  • Addiction eSports
  • Choke Gaming
  • Hi I’m a 5K English Midlaner
  • CeX (pictured)

CeX beat Xenex 3-1 in the final at i57.
CSGO £7,500 open
Group stages start: Friday, 1pm
Final: Sunday, 6.30pm
There are 64 teams signed up for this competition, with notable mentions including Team Xenex, EndPoint, The Last Resort, CeX, FM-eSports, TPO and more.
Though they’re not listed on the Battlefy page, we understand that Caz eSports will also be in attendance.
Some of the more interesting team names include FiveXSalt, Fancy a bum?, Nerdrage.pro, Get Outta My Bidness, Dicks out for Harmabe (not sure if intentional typo or not), Dirty Old Badgers and Winners.
Hearthstone $30,000 Truesilver Championship
Group stages start: Friday, 1.30pm
Final: Sunday, 4pm
There is a ton of entrants for the grand $30,000 Hearthstone tournament, listed in full on the Battlefy page.
Notable players include Team Dignitas’ Greensheep, the most recent ESL UK Premiership winner (Torpedo’s BoarControl) and i57 winner Ness (who was invited back to defend his title) among others.
The Truesilver Championship also has both previous Hearthstone world champions – Ostkaka and Firebat. They are two of seven players who won the closed pro qualifier. The other eight spots will be filled through a LAN qualifier with players like ITC 1 champ Rdu, SuperJJ, Crane & Powder (thanks Callum Leslie).
Team Fortress 2 £8,500 open
Group stages start: Friday, 5pm
Final: Sunday, 5pm
It’s surprising to see a TF2 tournament with a higher prize pool than the likes of League of Legends, Overwatch and Dota, but Multiplay recently increased the i58 prize pools for TF2 and Overwatch.
Here are the teams:

  • Stevie Wonder’s Aim School
  • my lan > your lan
  • Tomato Storm
  • Team Colonslash: Mayhem
  • The Essentials
  • Bantermory sponsored by Sony DADC
  • KaoS eSports
  • clanda
  • Jasmine Tea
  • Windtunnel Tactics
  • Team XENEX
  • Full Tilt
  • Comfortably Spanked
  • Crowns eSports Club
  • FM-eSports

Rocket League £3,000 open
Group stages start: Friday, 2.30pm
Final: Saturday, 7.30pm
Last time around, Belgian side Sector One beat UK’s TCA eSports in a thrilling 4-3 final.
So far, it seems Sector One haven’t signed up to attend, though TCA are back.
The i58 teams are as follows:

  • Yemen Bluey Jessie
  • To Infinity & Beyond
  • IngloriousExiles
  • Great British Pounding [Vacation Edition]
  • StarvingForBoost
  • SEO Moves
  • Team Almost Good
  • Lemonade
  • Unspecified
  • Rocket into Uranus
  • Clown and Fools
  • Effects
  • Rocketpuff Girlz
  • Free Agents 1
  • Dogs
  • TCA
  • The thirsty pirates

Check out the past i57 winners here.

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