A look back on the UK's match against Austria in the CSGO World Championship qualifiers

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The United Kingdom played against Austria in CSGO’s The World Championship (TWC) qualifiers this week. Frank Sciberras reviews the match.
This took place on Monday August 15th at 4pm, with both teams going into the game knowing the winner will advance to qualifying round two, where eight seeded teams are waiting.
It was a 2-0 win for the UK – so let’s look back on each game.
Maps chosen:

  • Cache
  • Dust II
  • Mirage

First Game: Cache 
The first game took place on Cache, which everyone was hyped for. It was a positive for the UK as they are a consistent team on Cache overall. Unfortunately for Austria, UK won the first knife round. They they chose to stay CT, Austria could not execute bombsites and could not really do much.
The first half ended 12-3 to the UK. Austria fought back, winning four rounds, then managed to lose it all with a final score of 16-7.
Second Game: Dust II 
A 2-0 to the UK made them the winners of the whole BO3, although Austria did put up a bit of a fight.
The half ended 10-5 in favour of the UK – it was all going to plan for them. They switched teams so Austria went to CT and UK went to T side, and it was an amazing game. Austria managed to take five rounds before losing it – and there were some amazing clutches from Aaron.
It was an amazing BO3 overall and very satisfying to watch. The predictions were on point as a lot of people predicted a 2-0 for the UK – and that’s what had happened. Austria still tried to put up a fight but the best team won.
Overall it was a stunning and amazing game coming from the UK. The game had ended up finishing a bit early but it was still nice to watch two good teams play against each other – and to see some new strategies being put to use.

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