Overtime: UK gambling commission eyes eSports, UK talent flocks to eGames & more

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Introducing Overtime – our new weekly roundup article looking at some of the UK eSports stories you might have missed over the past week.
This will likely consist of smaller stories, other interesting titbits and news focusing on games outside of our core remit (like Dota, CSGO and Street Fighter, for example).
We’ll also bundle any stories in here we feel are worth mentioning, that we maybe didn’t get round to covering extensively or felt didn’t warrant an entire separate piece.
Here’s our first roundup, looking at the week August 8th to 14th.
UK talent flocks to eGames in Rio
James Miller will be taking part in the Smash Bros eGames tournament in Rio, representing Britain.
Plus, British caster Richard Simms will be hosting the eGames tournament (not casting). He will be covering SMITE and Smash, the two games announced at the eGames.

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CS qualifier spot for ESLUK LoL Prem winner confirmed
ESL UK says the Premiership Summer 2016 Season is set to be the biggest and best yet. Like last season, the LoL winner will progress to the EU Challenger Series qualifiers.
“With a prize pool of £34,000 and a three-game offline finals event planned for this October’s MCM Comic Con in London, there’s plenty to be excited about.
“Riot has continued to recognize this milestone by investing a spot in their EU Challenger Series Qualifier in the winner of this season’s premiership,” the firm said in a press release.
UK gambling commission eyes eSports
The Gambling Commission has published a paper outlining concerns regarding CSGO-style gambling for virtual items using real money.
“Like any other market, we expect operators offering markets on eSports to manage the risks – including the significant risk that children and young people may try to bet on such events given the growing popularity of eSports with those who are too young to gamble,” the commission said in a statement.
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Premier League boss says gaming threatens football
The Premier League’s executive chairman Richard Scudamore claims that gaming is distracting young people away from football.
When asked which league or sport he sees as the main competitors to the Premier League, he said: “I see it wider than that. I see gaming, all sorts of digital gaming, I see all sorts of young people spending time on their devices doing all sorts of things to entertain themselves, with social media generally.”
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The weekly Grossie
Love him or hate him, LoL streamer Ali “Gross Gore” Larsen is such an interesting character with so much news and drama flying about, it can be hard to keep up with it all. On that note, we thought f*ck it, we might as well give him his own column.
This week, Grossie said he’s been diagnosed with bipolar.

“Since the treatment I feel just relaxed 99% of the time,” he said. “I still get excited but not crazy excited. I still get agitated and upset but only for a few minutes.
“Of course I have all emotions but I hardly worry anymore, I just don’t care about anything going wrong and I’m just running with it.
“I love the person who I have been the past few days. I’ve never ever been so happy in my life ever, I really didn’t think I could be this happy again. Thanks for caring.”
It’s good to see him feeling more positive and taking steps to improve his wellbeing – best of luck to you Grossie.
Read more: Ali Larsen’s Facebook page
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