eGames Olympics-style eSports tournament to feature SMITE and Super Smash Bros

egames olympics tournament 1

SMITE and Smash Bros are two of the confirmed games to be played at the Olympics-style eSports showcase event in Rio de Janeiro next week.

The International eGames Committee announced the titles for the showcase, which will take place at British House in Rio’s Parque Lage.
This eGames tournament was first announced in April, with the backing of the UK Government.
The best SMITE players from Brazil will be participating in a show match on August 15th, while eight top Super Smash Bros from around the world will play on August 16th. Those are the only games confirmed so far.
Smash Wii U pros participating will include reigning EVO Champion, Ally (Canada), the winner of Smash Factor 5, MKLeo (Mexico), plus Larry Lurr (USA) and J. Miller (Great Britain). Casters Keitaro and juiceDoom will cover the action.
Chester King of the International eGames Group said: “The Rio de Janeiro Showcase launches the eGames concept and we are so pleased with the support we have received from the UK Government, Hi-Rez Studios, Level Up and Nintendo.”
Henrique Fajardo, Level Up’s product manager for SMITE in Brazil, added: “Hi-Rez Studios and Level Up are very excited to be part of the Rio de Janeiro eGames Showcase.
“We have some of Brazil’s top SMITE players competing at this first event.”
Fans will be able to watch the tournament online.

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