Join the UK eSports fantasy football league

uk esports fantasy football 1

Sometimes you need a break from watching, playing or writing about eSports all the time – how about some good old football.
eSports News UK has set up a fantasy football league for anyone from the UK eSports scene who’s interested in taking part and having a laugh.
The league will be for the 2016/17 season, which starts in less than two weeks’ time, so sign up and get your team ready.
The winner will receive a prize (most likely a Battlenet or League of Legends gift card), plus the winner and runner-up will also receive a limited edition eSports News UK ‘MVP’ pin badge (OMG).
More importantly, it will give you the chance to claim some bragging rights.
Everyone in UK eSports is welcome (players, casters, fans, managers etc), including more than one person per org or company. And if you’re not a football fan but know someone who is, please pass this on to them.
We look forward to seeing you (and your silly team names) in the league.
To join the eSports News UK Premiership, click this link or add the code 454231-223336 in the ‘join leagues’ section

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