Blink Dota season 2 playoffs underway and finals announced

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The second season of Blink Dota is nearing its end, with teams fighting through the playoffs for a spot in the grand finals.
The season started earlier this year, with a focus on developing a more refined group stage that encouraged participation from teams of all skill levels – tryhards, scrubs and those stuck in between.
The finals this season will be held at The Stretch in Goldsmith’s Student Union on July 2nd (details of how to get there can be found on their website).
Like the first season of Blink Dota, this season’s finals will be cast by one of UK Dota’s most valued representatives, and the world’s finest MS Paint artist – Ted Forsyth aka Pyrion Flax.

One of Pyrion’s many guides on how to play Dota 2, illustrated with a fine hand that you would expect to be good at Dota, but really isn’t.

Whilst the playoffs are currently ongoing and the final participants have yet to be decided, Team Senses have managed to secure their spot in the Tryhard tier by knocking Eustas into the lower bracket finals against Modus Pwnens.
With both Eustas and Modus Pwnens going 7-3 in the group stages, it’s a toss-up between who will secure their spot in the finals when they face off in a best of three on June 20th.
In the Limbo bracket, Enclave Gaming and Groovy Poonstars will be battling it out to secure their place in the finals on June 17th, with the loser going down to face up against Kunkka Rum.
With Enclave Gaming dominating the group stages 9-1, we’d fully expect them to be in the finals. Groovy Poonstars and Kunkka Rum will be a closer matchup however, with a slight edge in favour of the former.

Last season’s winners Eustas and the casters

The Scrub bracket won’t be cast live at The Stretch due to time constraints, however there will still be an online final. As it stands, Say Yes to Anime and Something Different will be clashing in the upper bracket semi-final later this evening, with the loser going on to play against Raptor Attack UK.
Both Say Yes To Anime and Something Different massacred the competition in the group stages, going 10-1 and 9-2 respectively. Whether Raptor Attack UK can hold the fort will have to be seen, but if all else fails we would encourage them to at least go out in style, preferably with 5 Dagons and a lot of all chat.
The staff at Blink Dota have told us there will be plenty of prizes and a giveaway for the online viewers when the finals take place next month, and we look forward to joining in from home with a beer of our own to bear witness to what has previously been referred to as “the best, worst and funniest plays UKDota has to offer”.
More information can be found on the shiny new Blink Dota website, and games will be streamed on their Twitch channel.  You can also follow them on Twitter.

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