Team Dignitas owner delighted with HotS team after EU summer regional victory

team dignitas win summer regional eu 1

UK-based eSports organisation Team Dignitas took the EU regional by storm on the weekend.
They were undefeated as they took a first-place finish in the ESL Summer Regional Qualifier, hosted at ESL’s new studio based in Leicester.
Team Dignitas are now the first team to qualify for the Heroes of the Storm Summer Global Competition.
Team Dignitas owner Michael O’Dell (aka Odee) told eSports News UK: “I’m delighted to see the effort and hard work they are putting in is paying off.”
This comes to no surprise as Team Dignitas have been making a name for themselves in the HotS scene over the past year.
Last year, Liquid and Na’Vi ruled the EU roost and Dignitas seemingly came out of nowhere to climb their way to the Blizzcon finals, where they finished second with a full UK roster, against NA’s Cloud 9.
Since then, they have made changes and maintained two out of five of their former UK players, and are now arguably the most dominant force in the EU scene.
Dignitas also won the Spring Championship at Intel Extreme Masters Katowice earlier this year.
The team – which includes UK players James “Bakery” Baker and Joshua “Snitch” Bennett – won $25,000 at IEM for finishing first. They also have Swedish player Jonathan “Wubby” Gunnarsson and Frenchmen Jerome “JayPL” Trinh and Thomas “Ménè” Cailleux.
The other three UK Players that departed Dignitas are still in the scene. They play for teams like UK org Fnatic, who finished 3-4 and Na’Vi/Team Sandwich Monkey, both of which failed to make it to the top four of the qualifiers, after getting defeated by Fnatic and Dignitas in the group stages.
As for Fnatic, their majority Swedish line up will take part in a qualifier in Tours, France next month, which will add another EU team to the Summer Global Championship in June.
They will compete alongside another UK player in Na’Vi for that second EU slot as well as Liquid and additional teams that will qualify for this tournament in the coming weeks.
Despite their successes, Dignitas didn’t enjoy a great performance at the Spring Global Championship in Korea. They were knocked out of that competition, which was won by MVP Black.
Team Dignitas HotS player Joshua “Snitch” Bennett previously told eSports News UK the UK Heroes of the Storm scene needs time to grow.

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