The UK CSGO group that vanished from Facebook is back

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UPDATE: It’s back! 
The UK CSGO Facebook group has suddenly returned, almost a year after vanishing. And nope, no one is sure why.
But hey, it’s already active again!
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Original post (May 24th 2016):
Last week the CSGO UK Facebook group just disappeared off the face of the Earth for no obvious reason.
The community had been growing strong and had built up a following of more than 2,000 members.
However, the group was seemingly deleted by Facebook – with the admins given no explanation as to why it had been removed.
A new group – UK CSGO Scene – has since been setup, but members have been left puzzled as to what exactly happened to the old one.
UK CSGO member Anthony English says a ‘bug’ may have deleted the group, while others believe it may yet come back at a later date, as Facebook groups have received an update.
The new group’s founder Adam Heath said: “The old group vanished for some unknown reason. It looks like Facebook shut it down for no reason at all.”
Either that or a sneaky admin closed it, but it’s unlikely since there are only six admins and they seem a tight-knit bunch.
Some have speculated that offensive posts, ‘sh*tposting’ or even posts promoting eSports betting are to blame, but again that’s unlikely.
Tom “Gumpster” Gumbleton says he hasn’t heard back from Facebook as of yet on clarification, as no one physically deleted the group.
Esports News UK has reached out to Facebook for an explanation but we aren’t holding our breath.
In recent years there have been several similar reports of admins complaining about various groups being removed from Facebook without an explanation.
Whatever the reason, the good thing is that UK CSGO is back on Facebook, with some 350 members and counting. Let’s just hope other UK eSports communities don’t disappear off the face(book) of the Earth.

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