Team Paria and ManaLight engage in pre-match banter

paria manalight banter 1

eSports organisations Team Paria and ManaLight enjoyed some light-hearted fighting talk on Twitter today ahead of the ESL UK Promotions tournament.
The two League of Legends teams face one another this Saturday (February 13th) as they look to qualify for Season 3 of the ESL UK Premiership.
ManaLight sent a tweet out earlier today asking fans to vote for them as winners of the upcoming match.

Team Paria hit back with the following, prompting a response from ManaLight:

It’s nice to see a bit of friendly banter between sides – we’d expect no less from the UK scene.
There are eight teams in total trying to qualify for the ESL UK Premiership this weekend – the other six being NUEL Titans vs exceL eSports, Renegades Banditos vs MnM Gaming and GLB Blue vs TCA eSports.
You can see the promotions match times here and the full schedule here, as well as the rosters we’ve learnt so far.
We’ll post a more in-depth preview in time for the qualifiers this weekend.

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