Which ESL UK League of Legends regulars are playing in the Challenger Series open qualifiers?

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We take a look at which players from the ESL UK Premiership will potentially be taking part in the League of Legends Challenger Series open qualifiers, which start this weekend.
Most of the players from the UK scene are listed as subs on several teams for the EU West open qualifiers, so there’s every chance they may not play.
Two players – Wizz from Exertus Esports and former TCA player Sean17 – are in a starting line-up together.
There isn’t a single UK-based team in the open qualifiers. Instead, the players have joined other EU teams, as can be seen on the Battlegrounds/CS open qualifier page.
Here are the list of ESL UK players and the teams they’re playing in:

  • Alphari – top-laner sub for Team Huma (along with Werlyb, Santorin, Godbro, Kaas, GotoOne and HolyPhoenix), but bear in mind it’s unlikely Alphari will play in this team
  • Sean17 – mid-laner for Anodized Wrath (along with ScarfaceLoL, Tracer, Monkkk and Wizz)
  • The Hadow – support sub for Enigma Esports (along with Zhergoth, Memento, Caps, Slyv3r, Klajbajk, Casadar, Speedshift and Kanani)
  • Tundra – support sub for 3sUP (along with Kektz, Taikki, Abaria, Nardeus, Zytan, HeaQ and Dumbledoge)
  • Wizz – support for Anodized Wrath (along with ScarfaceLoL, Tracer, Monkkk and Sean17)
  • ZiViZ – mid-laner for LoLUP.net (along with Zvene, Chuffy, LeX, Roo and Farbror Lukas)

Are the Challenger Series changes bad for UK eSports?

The EU West best of three matches get underway in round one on Saturday December 12th at 7.30pm CET (6.30pm GMT).
Round 2 is on December 14th, Round 3 on December 16th, Round 4 on December 18th and the Semi-Final takes place on January 5th 2016.
The tournament final will take place on January 6th.
The NA open qualifiers have a different schedule – check the page here for details.
It’s rumoured that Riot will add a Challenger Series qualifier spot to the UK in 2016.
Thanks to James Fowler of Esportspedia for the help

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6 years ago

I’m surprised that other top UK player ain’t mentioned like maxlore, dxalchemist, implaer etc