Video interviews with League of Legends fans outside the Wembley SSE Arena

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eSports News UK was at the League of Legends World Championship Quarter Finals earlier this month in Wembley, London (check out our coverage of Worlds 2015 in London here), and we took the time to speak to LoL fans outside the arena for some video interviews. Here’s what they had to say!

We asked fans how far they had travelled to attend the live show, their thoughts on UK eSports and their predictions for the matches.
We originally spoke to fans and recorded these videos on Thursday October 15th, when Origen played against Flash Wolves.

Guest appearances…
It wasn’t just League of Legends fans who made their way out of the Wembley Park tube station to speak to us get accosted by us. Here are some other eSports industry pros who took the time to talk to us:

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