SKT Wolf on watching Doctor Who, how bad UK players are and his plans to beat Origen in 3 straight games

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That’s Wolf, laughing at UK League of Legends eSports pros

We interview SK Telecom T1’s support Wolf (Lee Jae-wan) after his team beat AHQ in the Worlds 2015 quarter final at Wembley, London, and ask him about SKT’s chances against Origen, plus want he thinks of the UK.

First things first – he doesn’t think the UK has much of a chance of producing talent as skilled as SKT players.
When I said xPeke told me he would have a UK player in Origen as long as they’re as good as Faker, I asked him if the UK could ever produce a player of that calibre. Wolf said it would be ‘difficult’, before having a good laugh at us! (jump to this point in the video)
“I haven’t played that much solo rank in the EU West server, so I can’t say for sure,” he told eSports News UK. “But it may be difficult considering that myself and all my teammates are top of the top at Korean solo rank, so I think it’s going to be tough.”
But how does he feel about playing in London at Worlds 2015?
“I’m really enjoying it here in London and the UK,” Wolf added. “There was this one TV show that I really liked as a kid called Doctor Who, and being able to visit the London Eye and see the Big Ben and everything in London was a truly, truly amazing experience for me. I’m really having a blast here.”

Wolf believes European teams can go on to truly challenge Korean sides, and believes Fnatic are favourites to win Worlds 2015.
“Fnatic in my mind are one of the favourites to win it all,” he said. “Origen has come really far too. The league has been getting better – all the leagues have been getting better, so I think that’s definitely going to happen.”
So what does he think of facing Origen in the semi-final, and of xPeke’s opinion that Origen can take SKT to a five-game series?
“Given our current form, I think we’ll be able to complete the game within three games,” he explained.
“It’s true Origen has a very great support from the European fans, and they’re a great team, but I think we’re performing much better right now, so I think we’ll be able to finish in three games.”
On today’s performance, Wolf said: “I would really like to thank the fans who support us, the SKT T1 team, as well as the players who love and enjoy League of Legends.
“I will try my best to come back with a better performance. Thank you.”

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