Hidden Object Aquascapes

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Create your own dream aquarium, find hidden items and earn money to buy new fishes, decorations and aquariums in this amazing simulation and hidden object hybrid game, Aquascapes!

To start, the game provides you with a nifty tutorial to guide your through the basics of keeping a virtual aquarium and playing the many hidden object scenes available. It also provides you with a nice aquarium that has a cowboy-themed background. However, there are no fish in your aquarium. What kind of tank is it if there are no fish, am I right? So, you might want to begin by buying yourself a fish from the store.
There are up to 18 different types of unique and exotic-looking fishes on offer at the store, including batfish, cowfish, fire fish, and emperor fish, and this number is inclusive of a sea turtle that is technically not a type of fish but more of a sea creature. After purchasing a fish, you can then name it and choose its gender, though you’re not allowed to breed your fishes in this game.
Now that you have a fish in your care, you should be a responsible “aquarium keeper” and feed your fish regularly using the feeder. It won’t do to let your only fish starve to death now, would it? Don’t forget to keep your fish tank clean of any algae by using the sponge provided to ensure proper aquarium hygiene. After all, you are trying to keep your fish alive and not contesting for a Guinness World Record on the fastest possible way to kill your virtual pet fish!
Also, living in a bare fish tank can make life for a fish rather dull and depressing. Hence, you might want to spruce things up a bit with the plethora of decorations and plants, such as corals, seaweed and the like, that you can buy at the store. There is no limit as to how many decorations you can add to your fish tank so, unleash your creativity and create an aquascape that you can be proud of!
Decorations you place in your tank will also increase the fish capacity of your aquarium, so you can add more fish to make your fish tank a lot livelier! Furthermore, there’s also a meter at the top portion of your screen that measures the beauty of your fish tank. Increase it and you’ll earn trophies. There are 3 levels of trophies that you can earn for each fish tank you own, so be sure to collect them all!
In addition to decorations and fishes, Aquascapes also offers amazing backgrounds and extra fish tanks at the store. For backgrounds, there are up to 8 of them available for purchase, including the graveyard background, the western town background, and also an “Alice in the Wonderland”-themed background. Furthermore, for each background, you can even buy bonus add-ons that will be added permanently to your background. Considering that there are so many customisations that you can do for your aquarium, it will be a terrible pity if you only own 1 fish tank. Luckily, in Aquascapes, you can buy a maximum of 8 aquariums that you can decorate to your liking, and populate with fishes as you see fit!
Too many things to buy but you have no money to do so? Well, unlike in real life, you are given a very fun way to earn the cash that you need in Aquascapes that is by playing hidden object scenes! In these scenes, you can find forgotten treasures underwater that you can sell for cash. There are 2 game modes that you can choose from either “against the clock” (timed) mode or relaxed (untimed) mode. Generally, if you fancy a relaxing time, you should definitely go with the relaxed mode while if you want to challenge yourself, the timed mode is perfect for you!
Hidden object scenes in Aquascapes are made of up 4 types, namely the standard word list, Diver, Gold Rush and Silhouette. In the standard word list type, you’ll be given a list of names of the objects that you’ll need to search for. The list starts off short, but will gradually expand. Sometimes, the game spices the gameplay up by swapping out the name of the hidden object and replacing it with vague phrases, like “circle with 4 holes”, that you’ll have to first identify before searching for it in the scene.
For Diver scenes, you’ll have to find 1 out of the 3 items listed for up to 10 rounds in total while, for the Gold Rush mode, you’ll need to find all the gold objects in the scene regardless of what the item is… as long as it is gold in colour. These types of scenes are timed, so be sure to keep an eye on the timer and search for the items you need as quickly as you can. There is also a Silhouette scene type that lists out the shadow forms of the hidden objects instead of giving you names. This is perhaps one of the most challenging scene type among them all as figuring out what a shape might be can be surprisingly tough at times.
The scenes are not too hard to complete and you won’t need to play the same scene multiple times unlike in many other free-to-play hidden objects games. Furthermore, in each scene, you’ll be able to search for 3 shells. These shells are used as special currency in Aquascapes to buy certain special items or fishes from the store.
The best part in all these is that you can play the entire game completely free at GameTop.com,  and not just the “demo for free” that some other sites offer. There are no adverts in the game, and you aren’t forced to download or install any annoying toolbars. It’s simply amazing!
So, if you like what you’ve read, go on now and download the game for free. Set up your very own virtual aquarium, decorate it as you wish and enjoy playing the many hidden object scenes in Aquascapes today!

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1 month ago

not leting me play free it sucks bad 1 star

1 month ago

amazing i love it 5 out of 5