Blizzcon-style League of Legends event in the works

Blizzcon has long been the place for World of Warcraft, Starcraft and fans of Blizzard to embrace their passion for the games together – to get announcements on the latest titles, dress up, meet developers and generally geek out.
Well an ambitious group of young Belgian entrepreneurs are hoping to create the League of Legends (LoL) equivalent.

Brussels League Tour 2015 will take place on October 24th and 25th at Tour & Taxis in Belgium, with 10,000 sq ft of space recreated in the style of League of Legends’ in-game world Runeterra.
The event’s themes are focused on entertainment, creation and competition, and the organisers say LoL’s community is the main focus for the Tour.
The organisers are looking for €20,000 in funding to give the show the green light (this seems an awfully small amount for such an ambitious project), but €1,500 is already in and there’s still 36 days left to make up the remaining €18,500.
There will be six zones at the show:

  • The Arena – players can duel each other here and there will be prizes handed out (there’s no mention what exactly just yet)
  • The Jungle – this area will have League of Legends versions of board, arcade and flash games from Connect Four to Pac-Man
  • The Lab – coaching sessions will take place here for noobs and more experienced players, plus there will be streaming and other esports guests
  • The Workshop – creativity is at the core here, from cosplay to drawing and more, including an art gallery and prizes up for grabs
  • The Museum – an interactive museum complete with a quiz and more prizes
  • The Stage – this will feature live esports matches; a tournament with a €15,000 prize pool where 128 teams will compete (group stages will be held online)

The minimum price for a weekend ticket is €75 which isn’t too bad at all.
Head over to the League Tour’s funding page for full backing options and more information.
We can’t help but feel Riot will launch its own live event in due course, but for now this event looks rather impressive. Let’s just hope it gets off the ground.

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