Dishonored guide: How to be a lethal assassin

dishonored assassin lethal
If like us, you’re bored of reading yet another Dishonored guide telling you how to complete the game without killing anyone or being seen, then allow us to instruct you on the ways of the assassin.
Playing as a bringer of death in Dishonored is arguably a lot more fun – and you can still do it without being detected. We show you how in our top tips.

There’s nothing quite like playing as a badass assassin in video games. And Dishonored is a game that is perfect for the role. You have all the simple tools you’ll need – plus some special techniques – that will see you slitting your target’s throat in no time.
Our play style was very similar to how we play as a thief/assassin hybrid in Skyrim, so feel free to check out that guide for some pointers.
Blink is your best friend
We cannot stress how vital this skill is – even when playing as an assassin. You can use it to quickly get away from trouble, avoid being seen, reach rooftops and ledges, and most importantly, quickly dash behind your target for a fast kill.
Track a guard’s movements. If he begins walking away from you, and no one else is around to see, Blink behind him, kill silently with your sword using RT (or R2 on the PS3), then move into cover again.
You can also use upgraded Blink to reach even higher ledges, and our favourite: Blink from up high, down to just above a guard’s head, then as you’re falling, assassinate him with your sword to break your fall. Tasty.
Shadow Kill is your second best friend
Taking out guards or civilians in Dishonored presents a problem: Others finding the bodies and becoming suspicious. Acquire the Shadow Kill skill when you can, for just two runes, and any enemy you kill while undetected will instantly turn to ash. No evidence of your evil deed will be left behind. Delightful.
You can also upgrade this to level 2, for four more runes. At this stage, anyone you kill will turn to ash (whether you’re detected by someone or not, as you make the kill). Delicious.
Agility is your third best friend
A quicker assassin means an alive assassin. Unlock the Agility power for two runes and you’ll be able to jump higher. Upgrade it to level 2 for another three runes and you can swim and run faster.
Click in the left analogue stick to run and get away faster.
Dark path
Our final power we recommend taking is Dark Vision. Leaning is for wimps – this power will allow you to see enemies through walls, so you can strike exactly at the point when they turn a corner towards you. They will react, but you’ll have killed them before they have a chance to scream. Marvellous.
Bow before your master
Pay Piero in  the Hound Pits pub 750 gold to upgrade your crossbow accuracy and crossbow range. Bolts will travel further, faster and much more effectively, allowing you to lop off heads from a distance with ease. If you’re from a considerable distance, zoom in with your Lens by clicking the right analogue stick in before firing.
It’s worth stocking up on crossbow bolts before embarking on a mission.
Silence is golden
Find the Boot Stealth blueprints and you’ll be able to run around and make much less noise. Make sure you upgrade it to level 2, when you bring it back to Piero, for an additional 650 coins. On the abducting Sokolov mission, follow this video guide to find the blueprints for the boots.

Scope the place out
The best assassins will know their environment and use it to their advantage. Click the right analogue stick in to use your Lens to zoom into the distance, before planning out the best way of navigating across to your target. It’s worth getting the Lens Maginication blueprint for 200 gold from a merchant called Griff, which will allow you to zoom in even further.
Griff can be found during the High Overseer Campbell or House of Pleasure missions. You have to rescue him from a couple of Bottle Street gangsters, down an allery near Granny Rags’ house – it’s not far from Bottle Street’s base, either.
Stay stealthy
It’s a simple one, but effective. Press B (or circle on PS3) to go into stealth mode and move around undetected. Remain in the shadows where possible, and always close doors behind you (unless there’s no one else around and you want to make a fast getaway).
Patience is a virtue: Don’t go charging in. Wait for guards to have conversations and leave in opposite directions before you move to kill. Remember – you’re an assassin – not a maniacal murderer.
Know when to run
Once you’ve made that hit, get the hell out. If you have guards on you, don’t worry about re-loading a previous save. Why not experience the thrill of escaping? Use Blink, run, and avoid taking on loads of guards at once. Cut off guards’ lines of sight by going onto rooftops and around corners sharply. Get out if you can.
Your tips
What advice do you have for being a deadly assassin in Dishonored? Leave your comments below.

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9 years ago

Awesome game. I did however grow a little tired of the sneaking and preferred to rely on my natural aggressive FPS roots and simply Counter strike style blast my way through entire areas. If you fully upgrade all the gun assets, simply standing in a narrow corridor, herding enemies in like sheep and massacring them becomes incredibly easy.. considering bullets can go through bodies in Dishonored. The idea of making an assassination game then punishing you if you kill anyone p*sses me off too. So balls to it. I just destroy kill everyone, including that amazingly annoying ass hat that… Read more »

9 years ago

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Throw bend time in there. Obvious reasons.