Video: SSX tips and tricks

SSX tips and tricks
With SSX out on March 2nd, EA has put out a couple of videos showing gamers how to race and pull off tricks like a pro.
We’ve sourced both videos for you to watch in this post.

Race It

Trick It

Will you be getting SSX? What do you think of it?

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ssx friends
9 years ago

great tips!!
This game is great —

9 years ago

Thanks man great tips!

9 years ago

Nolyn’s SSX Amateur Pro-Tips! Tip#1 – Don’t suck. SSX is a game of skill. The less you suck, the more skill you have. The more you suck, the harder it is not to suck. Sucking is the number one cause of mistakes in SSX. Avoid sucking at all times, and your scores and times will improve dramatically. Tip#2 – Push it harder. If you want to jump higher, simply push the jump button harder. Similarly, in “Race it” mode, if you want to go as fast as possible, you will need to push the boost button as hard as you… Read more »

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9 years ago

Im not very pleased with the gameplay. While it has no problems responding or controlling, it’s way too easy to pull off big tricks left and right. You can do them as late in the air as you can and the character just somehow lands it without proper animation. In SSX3 the character would often struggle to balance out the board after a big jump, or if the timing is not right he can easily bail after uber tricks. Here everything’s so easy to pull off, there’s no satisfaction in nailing it and no effort mastering it.. Great to see… Read more »