New esports platform Pure Esports to list on London Stock Exchange

London Stock Exchange

Pure Esports, a new esports platform, is transitioning from the Polish stock market to the UK stock market in July 2024.

The company said in a press release its web3 technology platform focuses on three areas: in-game activities, educational content and esports news.

The in-game activities will include online tournaments and online leagues, both casual ones and those with prize pools.

When it comes to education, Pure Esports said it will run academies and masterclasses provided by professional players, included one-to-one sessions.

And on the esports news front, the platform promises a customisable news feed, with users able to filter content by game, genre, players and tournaments.

Pure Esports said it will aim for a community-driven web3 token launch in mid-July, with more details to be announced shortly.

Currently listed on the Polish stock exchange, Pure Esports will transition to the ‘Main list’ on the London Stock Exchange at the end of July. There, it will join the likes of Guild Esports and Gfinity on the London Stock Exchange, two businesses that have faced a tough time with their share prices. Guild started at 8.15GBX in October 2020 and is now worth 0.30GBX, while Gfinity listed at 28.75 in October 2014 and is now worth 0.027GBX.

Then, around the end of August/early September time, Pure will ‘announce a major partnership with one of the world’s largest gaming companies shortly after the IPO’.

The Pure Esports platform itself is then set to launch around late September.

“The platform will feature regular software updates, real-time content, and new features, solidifying its role in the daily lives of global gamers,” Pure said. “Pure Esports aims to build a holistic ecosystem that addresses all aspects of an Esports enthusiast’s life.”

After launch, the company said a Pure Esports card ‘will offer 1-2% cashback on all purchases’, plus banking will give users ‘a real-time, low-cost global settlement solution, enabling users to pay and get paid in local currency instantly’.

Pure will also offer deals on gaming brands, personalised messages from gaming personalities and features to promote wellbeing and fitness.

There’s more info on the website

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