Blast Premier Spring Final 2024 analytical insights from GG.BET and Esports Charts: Betting stats, how players performed in London and more

Blast Premier Spring Final Analytical Insights

In this special series of articles, Esports News UK’s coverage of the Blast Spring Final 2024 is in collaboration with the betting partner GGBET UK

The esports analytics service Esports Charts, in collaboration with betting brand GG.BET, widely known for its promotion of esports, have published extensive game and betting data for Blast Premier Spring Final 2024.

The stats reveal how the players and teams performed at the Counter-Strike 2 event in London last week, and provide insights into who viewers bet on the most.

The final stage of the Blast Premier Spring Final 2024 tournament took place from June 12th to 16th. Over 18,000 spectators gathered at the Ovo Arena Wembley in London for the tournament playoffs. It was the first time the UK had hosted a Counter-Strike event on such a scale for six years.

Esports Charts analysed the event and published a series of reports with reviews of the teams’ and individual players’ greatest achievements in the tournament.

Before it started, the analytics service published a retrospective review of the viewership of Blast Premier Spring tournaments over previous years, statistics on the popularity of different team members among Twitch stream audiences, and exclusive data on which teams GG.BET users bet on to win in the tournament.

image 2

After the tournament ended, Esports Charts shared its results.

The collection of infographics included data on teams’ performances at Blast Premier, such as the most spectacular comebacks and wins in rounds with the lowest budget for purchases.

They also show betting statistics, such as which teams’ wins produced the most winnings.

image 3

The final set of information showed how players performed at Blast Premier and contained exclusive betting data on individual performances like total deaths and total kills.

image 4

The GG.BET press office said: “The publication of insights into major CS2 tournaments is becoming a tradition. In March of this year, we shared insights into the first CS2 Major in history.

“Specialists from both GG.BET and Esports Charts dive deep into the tournaments, analyze a huge quantity of data, and therefore have the chance to monitor exciting esports community trends. We’ll also continue to share the insights we find in the future.”

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