Team Spirit win Blast Premier Spring Final 2024

Team Spirit win Blast Premier Spring Final 2024

Russian esports organisation Team Spirit won the Blast Premier Spring Final 2024 in London today.

They defeated Navi 3-1 in the grand final thanks to some solid teamwork, plays and communication.

Team Spirit started off dominant in the first two games, but Navi did fight back on both occasions, with Spirit winning the first two maps 13-9 (on Ancient and Dust 2).

Then, on map three (Mirage), it was Navi’s turn to start off on top. They went 8-0 ahead, before Spirit swung back in after a break, with Navi eventually winning the game 13-4.

But Spirit’s roster of Russian players chopper, magixx, donk, sh1ro and Ukrainian zont1x were too much for Navi (consisting of Ukrainians b1t and w0nderful, plus Finnish player Aleksib, Lithuanian player jL and Romanian iM). They won 3-1 overall.

magixx told host James Banks after the win:

“It feels great, because the results has not been decided by the lag, but how we played. I’m happy. Every crowd I’ve faced was against me, so I’m used to it. It’s not an issue, we’re used to it and we can play well.”

magixx, Team Spirit

The Blast Premier Spring Final 2024 saw 18,000 fans flock to the Wembley Arena across the three arena days, with 8,000 watching today’s grand final in person alone.

Elsewhere in the tournament, Saw and G2 finished bottom of group A and B respectively. Virtus Pro knocked out Astralis 2-0 before falling to Navi in the first semi-final 2-0.

Team Vitality knocked out Faze Clan 2-1, before falling 2-1 to Spirit in the other semi-final.

Both Navi and Spirit have already qualified for the Blast World Final 2024 which will take place in November. The world rankings leaderboard currently includes a top five of Faze, Navi, Vitality, Spirit and G2.

The news comes a few days after global Counter-Strike tournament series Blast Premier revealed plans for a revamped Blast Premier 2025 circuit.

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