#5 Most Underrated Final Fantasy Games

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The Final Fantasy series, celebrated for its captivating stories and innovative gameplay, has given us some of the most beloved titles in gaming history. However, amidst the acclaim for popular entries like Final Fantasy VII and Final Fantasy XV, several remarkable games in the franchise have been overlooked.

These underrated gems offer unique experiences that are just as deserving of recognition. Here, we shine a light on the top five most underrated Final Fantasy games.

Final Fantasy Type-0

Final Fantasy Type-0 is arguably the most underrated game in the entire franchise. It stands out due to its unique setting—a magical academy where a group of main characters navigates themes of politics, violence and sorrow. What sets Type-0 apart is its darker narrative, especially its devastating climax, devoid of the usual comedic relief found in other entries.

The gameplay is also distinct, leaning more towards action rather than the typical turn-based combat. Players can switch between a roster of characters and summon monsters during battles, reminiscent of Crisis Core.

With a unique combat system and new weaponry, it offers a fresh yet compelling experience, making it deserving of more recognition.

Final Fantasy Dimensions

Final Fantasy Dimensions is one of the best RPGs available on mobile platforms, and it deserves much more recognition. Despite its mobile game status, it offers a compelling and expansive episodic story centering on the battle between good and evil for control of the crystals.

The clash between the Warriors of Light, the Warriors of Darkness, and the Avalon Empire is narrated with a depth that rivals most console and PC games. The gameplay adheres to the classic Final Fantasy style, reminiscent of FF4, featuring a rotating team of up to five party members.

Unique additions like Fusion Abilities allow players to merge different skills, providing a refreshing twist to the well-loved JRPG mechanics. This game truly holds its own in the genre and should not be overlooked.

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance

Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is a highly underrated gem in the turn-based strategy genre. Often overshadowed by titles such as Fire Emblem and Tactics Ogre, this game still has a lot to offer. The narrative feels like stepping into a fantasy novel, making it an enjoyable adventure despite its somewhat familiar storyline.

The characters are brought to life with beautifully crafted sprites, showcasing the effort and love poured into the game. One unique feature is its law system, where actions are judged by an arbitrator; using forbidden weapons or abilities can lead to characters being jailed. This adds a layer of strategic depth. Additionally, the variety of classes and the intricate equipment system enhance the overall gameplay experience.

Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age

Final Fantasy 12: The Zodiac Age often flies under the radar, but it introduced several revolutionary concepts to the series. Set in the vast world of Ivalice, players could explore diverse terrains freely, a first for the franchise. The game deviated from traditional turn-based combat, offering a dynamic system where players could set gambits to automate characters’ actions in battle.

It allowed for a more strategic and fluid gameplay experience. Additionally, the game revamped the loot system and character progression, while its mature narrative explored complex themes with multiple protagonists instead of a single hero.

Though initial reactions were mixed, appreciation for FF12 has grown, solidifying its place as an underrated gem in the series.

Final Fantasy Tactics: War of The Lions

Final Fantasy Tactics: War of The Lions, despite being one of the best turn-based strategy games, often gets overshadowed in the broader Final Fantasy series. The game’s narrative, set against the backdrop of war and class struggle, follows the poignant tales of Ramza and Delita, two friends torn by fate.

Its robust class system and extensive customization options allow players to tailor their roster with precision. Featuring refined turn-based gameplay, the strategic depth is unmatched, rewarding meticulous planning and clever tactics. Although revered by genre enthusiasts, it deserves more recognition in the mainstream for its rich storytelling and flawless execution.

War of The Lions is a masterclass in strategy gaming, solidifying its place in the franchise’s legacy.

The Bottom Line

These five Final Fantasy games might not have received the same level of attention as their popular counterparts, but they are just as deserving of praise. Their unique narratives, engaging gameplay systems, and memorable characters offer delightful experiences that should not be missed by any RPG enthusiast. With so much to offer, these underrated gems deserve a chance in the spotlight.

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