New UK-based CS2 matchmaking platform PlayerForge announces partnership to bring esports to schools across Denmark

PlayerForge CS Platform

PlayerForge, a new Counter-Strike 2 (CS2) platform based in the UK, has launched and announced a partnership.

PlayerForge is billed as a matchmaking, events and tournament platform that’s been in the planning for over a decade.

It was founded by two experienced CS individuals: Adam ‘Blanks’ Heath, owner of UK esports organisation Reason Gaming and news website UKCSGO, and Tim ‘ttgzaN’ Grantham, former Reason CS player.

The platform is aimed at aspiring esports professionals, offering pathways to compete via prized cups and tournaments, and to showcase their abilities via gameplay, streaming and socials.

PlayerForge said in an announcement: “During the life of Counter-Strike there have been a small number of successful online platforms that have helped the game grow in both popularity and entertainment. Something that is slowly being forgotten, though, is the fun aspect of Counter-Strike.

“PlayerForge understands the need for a competitive environment for players to practise, compete and improve in. From their first game, to their progression through the ranks as they embark on a competitive journey it is important for them to have a reliable, consistent platform they know has their interests in mind.

“Whether you’re a player, partner/sponsor, or spectator, PlayerForge offers a dynamic and immersive gaming experience that redefines the future of competitive esports.”

The platform also has its own anti-cheat, aiming to keep play secure.

Beta testing is set to begin soon, where PlayerForge will be taking on board feedback and fixing any issues.

PlayerForge partnership will bring CS2 to Danish schools

PlayerForge has partnered with the Danish Skolemesterskaberne i Esport, an organisation with 50+ schools and 500+ players ranging from ages 12 to 16.

“Offering both online and offline competition and experiences, we will determinedly work together to continue providing students and parents with mentorship, competition and teaching of the vast benefits and opportunities that esports has to offer,” PlayerForge said in an announcement.

There’s more info over on the PlayerForge website

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