Liquipedia branches out from esports to broader game wikis with ex-Fandom Dota 2 admins, ahead of ESL One Birmingham

Liquipedia branches out from esports to broader games wikis with Dota 2 ex Fandom admins

Team Liquid’s popular esports wiki hub Liquipedia has expanded into gaming wikis, with the help of ex-Fandom Dota 2 admins.

Liquipedia will host the redesigned Dota 2 wiki with up-to-date information, which will now be maintained by the same admin team behind the old Dota 2 wiki.

According to a press release, the combined wiki will house the most complete repository of Dota 2 information—including both gaming and esports information—in the world.

The Dota 2 game wiki will initially exist as a separate wiki while a redesigned main page and system is developed. Eventually, both game and esports wikis will be integrated under a single home page.

The news comes a few days ahead of ESL One Birmingham 2024, which takes place from April 22nd to 28th 2024.

Another option being explored for the wiki is automated data transfer solutions to improve efficiency for patch updates in an effort to minimise redundancy.

The goal is to have a ‘seamless transition between game information and esports updates, meeting the diverse needs of the Dota 2 community’.

After announcing their departure from their previous host in November 2023, the Fandom Dota 2 wiki admin team searched for options for a new home for the wiki. After several months of testing and collaboration, the Dota 2 wiki admin team chose Liquipedia as the new site for the Dota 2 wiki.

Buny, a representative from the Dota 2 wiki admin team, said:

“We decided to move away from Fandom for several reasons. While we were open to other hosts, Valve hosting wasn’t an option anymore, and Liquipedia seemed like a logical choice due to its solid foundation. Combining our efforts on one wiki made sense to avoid division.”

Buny, a rep from the Dota 2 wiki admin team

“Coming from different sides of the game, there were some initial issues in the migration, but thanks to Liquipedia’s active engagement, the transition has been smooth. In the future, our goal is to succeed with this move and eventually overtake the old wiki entirely, uniting the community in the process.”

The Dota 2 wiki includes gaming information such as heroes, mechanics, lore, items, and cosmetics. Each page is updated after each game patch, with records of past patches also included. The wiki is essentially a historical document of the evolution of the long-running competitive multiplayer game.

Liquipedia ‘open to hosting more gaming wikis in the future’

This move also represents a big increase in focus for Liquipedia. Previously known primarily as an esports wiki, Liquipedia is now open to hosting more gaming wikis in the future.

Several prominent gaming wikis have experienced hosting issues in the recent past, and Liquipedia says this endorses them ‘as a favourable option for game wikis looking for a new partner, regardless of their involvement in esports’.

Job Hilbers, Senior Manager of Liquipedia, said: “We’re beyond excited to have the Dota 2 game information admin team join Liquipedia. With this move, we are finally able to cover the gaming aspects of an esports title we love with the same comprehensiveness as its esports side.

“All types of Dota 2 fans can now find all the info they need to not only follow a tournament, but also better understand the match they are watching.

“For the larger Dota 2 community we hope that by covering game information, they can not only excel in Dota 2, but they can also become exposed to and fall in love with the Dota 2 esports scene that we value so dearly.”

Liquipedia encourages other wiki administrators to reach out about the possibility of hosting their game wikis. For interested parties, they can email [email protected]

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