Scotland Yard investigating fish and chips esports scandal

playstation game controller

Scotland Yard has launched an investigation into what’s being dubbed the ‘fish and chips controller scandal’.

Players participating in local EA FC 24 esports tournaments at one unnamed gaming bar have been accused of coating opponents’ controllers coated in grease from the well-known British dish to gain an unfair advantage.

It’s a bizarre turn of events that’s been sending shockwaves behind the scenes through the grassroots UK football esports community.

The controversy began when several players reported suspicions of foul play after consistently losing matches to competitors who seemed to have better precision and control. Upon closer inspection, it was discovered that these players were indeed using controllers covered in a greasy residue, believed to be residue from fish and chips.

The investigation, led by Scotland Yard’s Cyber Crime Unit, aims to uncover the extent of the scandal and identify those responsible for perpetrating it. Authorities are reportedly examining surveillance footage from tournament venues, conducting forensic analysis of controllers, and interviewing players suspected of involvement.

“This is a shocking breach of integrity within the esports community,” said Prilla Fowl, Spokesperson for Scotland Yard’s Cyber Crime Unit. “The use of greasy controllers not only undermines the spirit of fair play but also poses a potential health risk to other players and equipment.

“We take allegations of cheating very seriously and will not hesitate to take appropriate action against those found to have violated the rules. Esports may be a relatively new industry, but it is subject to the same standards of integrity and sportsmanship as traditional sports.”

In response to the scandal, gaming bars’ tournament organisers have implemented stricter regulations regarding controller hygiene and conduct during matches. Players are now required to undergo regular equipment inspections and adhere to guidelines prohibiting the use of substances that may compromise the integrity of gameplay.

“The ‘fish and chips controller scandal’ serves as a wake-up call for the esports community,” said grassroots caster Bobby Scales. “It’s a reminder that maintaining fair competition and upholding ethical standards are essential for the continued growth and credibility of esports as a legitimate sporting endeavour.”

As Scotland Yard’s investigation unfolds, the community will hope for swift resolution and justice for those affected by the scandal. In the meantime, players are urged to remain vigilant of fish and chips grease on their controllers, and uphold the principles of fair play, to keep competitions a level playing field for all.

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