Lionscreed win Spring 2024 Division 1 NLC and UKEL 4Nations in a UK League of Legends double

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UK esports organisation Lionscreed (LC) have completed a UK League of Legends double after winning both the NLC and UKEL 4Nations in Spring 2024.

The LC first team beat Ruddy Esports 3-1 in the Northern League of Legends Championship (NLC) Division 1 playoffs grand final tonight, while their academy side beat Paragon 3-1 in the UKEL 4Nations Division 1 final yesterday.

Lionscreed win NLC as New Meta hosts watch party

It was a final to remember as an in-person watch party took place at the New Meta Gaming Arena in North London, in a match dubbed ‘El Nashico’.

Lionscreed’s main team – Banderas, yoHan, Tempt, jinjo and Kasing – went into the match having topped the regular season table with ten wins and four losses, before beating Nord 3-2 in the upper bracket final to face Lionscreed in tonight’s final.

Ruddy Esports, meanwhile, pulled off a miracle run winning ten games in a row to secure their place in the final. Their roster – Built, NattyNatt, Alix, Silkysmath and justcan – took the first game against Lionscreed tonight, before LC won the next three to secure victory.

Tonight’s result means LC secure a spot in the EMEA Masters main group stage, while Ruddy will progress to the play-ins.

LC top-laner Banderas said: “We beat Ruddy 3-1 and we are now in the EMEA Masters group stage, second time I’m NLC champ and this time with the strongest roster I have had so far.

“I can’t wait to surprise EMEA teams.”

Tempt also won the season MVP award:

Ruddy co-owner DonJake added:

To have two UK League teams emerge as the best in the NLC out of other UK, Ireland and Nordic teams, and reach the EMEA Masters, is brilliant for UK League.

The news comes after Lionscreed’s CEO told Esports News UK at the start of the year here’s ‘here to build a business and better the scene’.

Lionscreed Academy team win UKEL 4Nations Spring 2024

Lionscreed also won the UKEL 4Nations Division 1 after beating Paragon 3-1 yesterday.

Their academy roster – Bust, pawp, qqr, Spark and The Heathen – finished second in the regular season behind Ruddy Painkillers.

They lost to Venomcrest Serpents before beating Verzik, Ruddy and Venomcrest in the lower bracket to face Paragon in the final.

Both LC Academy and Paragon have now reached the Northern League of Legends Regional Promotion Series (NLC RPS), giving them a chance to reach NLC Division 2.

The final was also promoted on the front page of the League of Legends game client.

It was good coverage for both LC and Paragon, whose roster consisted of Refresh27, Snepex, Timatopr, Lasped and Sack.

Paragon CEO Mac said:

You can read more about esports org Paragon here.

Division 2 of the UKEL 4Nations is still due to be completed.

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