Designing Your Digital Kingdom: The Ultimate Home Gaming Setup

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The centrepiece of every gaming room is the gaming setup, serving as the central hub where video games spring to life through incorporating vital gaming components and accessories, creating a perfect gaming setup customised to your preferences, whether you’re gaming on a PC or a video game console.

PC Gaming Setup

Read below to find out what you need for your gaming setup.

PC Gaming Chair

PC gaming chairs, similar to traditional office chairs, include armrests, wheeled bases, and adjustable height and recline angles. Prioritise considerations such as ergonomics, material, and size when selecting a PC gaming chair. Material options like leather, faux leather, and vinyl are durable but less breathable, while mesh, cotton, and microfiber offer better breathability but may be less durable. Ensure the chair accommodates your life stage, weight, and space requirements.

PC Gaming Desk

Opt for a desk with a spacious, flat surface to comfortably hold monitors, keyboard, mouse, and other accessories. Additional features like storage shelves, drawers, or a designated PC shelf can help organise games, controllers, and accessories. Consider the desk’s design based on your available space—rectangular desks for open spaces and L-shaped desks for corners or increased surface area. Ensure the desk’s height allows for comfortable leg space when sitting in your chair. Browse these desks.

PC Gaming Monitors

Properly accommodating your monitor or monitors is crucial for an effective PC gaming setup. To minimise neck strain, position your monitors slightly above eye level using sturdy monitor mounts on the desk or wall. Choose height-adjustable, articulating, or full-motion mounts for flexible monitor positioning. For multi-monitor setups, consider a multi-monitor mount.

PC Gaming Accessories

Secure your keyboard and mouse with a combination keyboard and mouse pad for stability. Enhance sound quality and reduce desk clutter by mounting speakers on desktop or floor speaker stands. Manage cable clutter with cable management solutions.

Console Gaming Setup

Curious to what you need for your console gaming setup? We will let you know!

Console Gaming Chair

Console gaming chairs come in two primary styles: rocker and floor. Rocker chairs, characterised by their sturdy, L-shaped design, offer free rocking motion and adjustable reclining. On the other hand, floor chairs often take the form of large, soft cushions or bean bag chairs, providing a different level of comfort. Similar to selecting a PC gaming chair, consider factors such as material, life stage, and size when choosing a console gaming chair as well as any rugs or surfaces the chair will sit on.

Console Gaming TV

Integral to most console gaming setups is an entertainment centre, TV stand, or TV mount that elevates the TV above eye level. Ideally, a TV stand or entertainment centre should provide ample storage for multiple consoles, controllers, chargers, headsets, and other accessories.

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