Acer Predator Gaming CES 2024 products announcement round-up: Swift Go AI PCs, SpatialLabs Stereoscopic 3D Laptop and Gaming Monitor, Graphics Cards and more

Acer Predator Gaming CES 2024 products


Acer has announced a range of new Acer Predator Gaming CES 2024 products for gamers and esports fans at the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

Acer Expands SpatialLabs Stereoscopic 3D Portfolio with New Laptop and Gaming Monitor

Acer has announced the extension of its SpatialLabs stereoscopic 3D lineup to the Aspire line of laptops and Predator gaming monitors.

Predator SpatialLabs View 27 Gaming Monitor: 3D Gaming Redefined

Acer has expanded its line of stereoscopic 3D displays with the new Predator SpatialLabs View 27 gaming monitor (pictured above), letting gamers dive deeper into the depths of 3D worlds. The SpatialLabs TrueGame leverages its proprietary shader and driver techniqueto develop individual 3D profiles with existing depth information from the games. The latest 3D Ultra mode, with its second virtual camera, showcases greater depth and geometry in every scene, while also offering a wider collection of 3D stereo configurations to allow gamers to customize visual effects and intensity to their liking. Simply clicking the patented One-click Game play function automatically launches games in their pre-configured 3D profiles, with more AAA titles and classics added every month, just waiting to be explored.

Acer Immerse Audio complements the sensual 3D experience on the gaming monitor with its enveloping spatial sound technology. Rich soundscapes are echoed from its dual 2.5 W speakers, enhanced by the combination of AI-driven beamforming acoustic transmissions and head-tracking solutions to produce the feeling of using surround-sound headphones. Even without the actual hardware, gamers can enjoy and absorb every sound, emotion, and adrenaline-pumping scene when stepping into their favorite gaming adventures.

Eye-catching 2D and 3D visuals with brilliant colours are shown on the Predator SpatialLabs View’s 27-inch, 2D-3D switchable 4K panel, thanks to its lightning-fast 160 Hz refresh rate, 400 nits brightness, and Delta E< 2 colour accuracy. With AMD FreeSync and NVIDIA® G-SYNC® compatibility, the 3D gaming monitor delivers vivid, tear-free frames even when gaming under extremely low-light environments.

For professional creators and developers, the Acer SpatialLabs View Pro 27 was announced earlier as part of the SpatialLabs solutions to elevate the way 3D ideas and audiovisual elements take shape, bringing every design detail and concept closer to reality.

Aspire 3D 15 SpatialLabs Edition: Unlocking Immersive and AI-powered Experiences 

In the hopes of bringing immersive 3D entertainment and creative experiences to more users, the new Acer Aspire 3D 15 laptop (A3D15-71GM) integrates SpatialLabs’ advanced optical solutions along with the power of up to an Intel® Core i7 processor 13620H and up to NVIDIA® GeForce RTX 4050 Laptop GPUs to project attention-grabbing 3D images and scenes.  

The stereoscopic 3D laptop is shipped with SpatialLabs Experience Center Pro, which contains an array of SpatialLabs applications and add-ons to further elevate 3D experiences for enthusiasts and casual creators. SpatialLabs Go brings another level of content immersion as it utilizes Acer’s proprietary AI models to transform 2D content to 3D in real-time. Whether it is a photo of beautiful scenery, a video of precious memories, or even a YouTube video, SpatialLabs Go generates depth maps for your 2D content and turns it into stunning stereoscopic 3D in the blink of an eye. Plus, SpatialLabs Player gives full control for side-by-side video playback and seamless switching to 2D or 3D modes when viewing on the Aspire 3D 15.

Creators can take advantage of the SpatialLabs Model Viewer application and rendering technology in real time to import and convert CGI and CAD file formats into 3D illustrations to inspect and demonstrate ideas in greater detail. The 3D laptop also supports Acer’s OpenXR runtime for seamless 3D content creation on compatible applications, along with other developer tools such as the SpatialLabs Unity and Unreal Engine plug-ins to fast-track 3D projects and extend support for more creators across various fields. The 3D laptop is built for the next wave of computing, shipped with Copilot and a dedicated Copilot key for quick and easy access to the everyday AI assistant. Copilot in Windows unleashes greater creativity and productivity, harnessing the power of AI to assist with personalized answers and tasks during work, creation, or play.

Whether for developing designs or leisure viewing, 3D visuals come to life with incredible depth and cinematic colours on its 15.6-inch UHD IPS panel with 100% support for Adobe RGB colour gamut and can be switched between 2D and 3D viewing modes. During video calls, Acer PurifiedVoice and PurifiedView also work together so users can look and sound their best with AI-supported noise reduction technology and camera effects. Despite the heavy 3D rendering workloads, the Aspire 3D 15’s internals remain cool and running thanks to Acer’s TwinAir technology and thermal management system featuring three copper pipes that help dispel heat efficiently. System maintenance and performance monitoring on the device is a breeze with the AcerSense utility app, accessible with just one click of the dedicated AcerSense key. Users will also appreciate the Aspire 3D 15’s provision of ample memory space with up to 32 GB of DDR5 memory and up to 2 TB of storage, as well as multiple connectivity options with an HDMI 2.1 port, a USB Type-C Thunderbolt 4 port, and Wi-Fi 6 compatibility.

Price and Availability

The Acer Aspire 3D 15 SpatialLabs Edition (A3D15-71GM) will be available in North America in February, starting at USD 1,399.99; in EMEA in March, starting at EUR 1,499, and in the UK in April, starting at GBP £1,699

The Predator SpatialLabs View 27 will be available in North America in Q2 2024, starting at USD 1,999 and EMEA in Q1 2024, starting at EUR1,999.

Exact specifications, prices, and availability will vary by region.

Acer Collaborates with Qualcomm to Launch Two New Routers, Including the World’s First 5G Wi-Fi 7 Gaming CPE

Acer has announced two new gaming routers (pictured, top), leveraging the power of the Qualcomm® Immersive Home Platform and tri-band Wi-Fi 7 for stable connections and enhanced wireless gameplay. The Predator Connect X7 5G CPE unleashes blazing-fast internet speeds through 5G and Wi-Fi 7, along with dual WAN connectivity to minimize disruptions. Fast, reliable, and vast network coverage is provided by the Predator Connect T7 Wi-Fi 7 Mesh Router with the expandability of its multi-link Wi-Fi mesh system, making wired-level latency possible in a mesh setup.

Powered by Qualcomm Technologies’ advanced quad-core processor, the X7 and T7 provide gamers and streamers with accelerated online experiences, improved Spectrum Utilization with Wi-Fi 7, as well as enhanced MU-MIMO and OFDMA across connected devices.

“We are excited to announce the latest Predator routers with 5G and Wi-Fi 7 connectivity options, empowering gamers to take their gameplay to new heights,” said Wayne Ma, General Manager, Connectivity, Acer Inc. “Thanks to Qualcomm’s Immersive Home Platform and quad-core processors, the new Predator routers bring next-level performance and speed output to a wider range of players and gaming environments.”

“Qualcomm Technologies is pleased to collaborate with Acer, bringing a full suite of advanced connectivity technologies to bear spanning 5G, Wi-Fi 7 and Mesh Networking,” said Rahul Patel, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Connectivity Broadband and Networking, Qualcomm Technologies, Inc. “Together, these are essential technologies for next-gen gaming and will thrill users with their immersive and responsive gaming experiences.”

Predator Connect Routers: Unleashing Next-Gen Internet Speeds with Wi-Fi 7

Acer’s gaming routers take a giant leap forward with the introduction of the new Wi-Fi 7 Predator routers. Thanks to Qualcomm Technologies’ wireless technology innovations, these routers can double the speed output compared to Wi-Fi 6 while adding flexibility for Wi-Fi gamers and enhancing performance through Wi-Fi 7’s significantly reduced latency, better interference management, high bandwidth, and consistent performance for connected devices.

The Predator Connect X7 5G CPE stands out as the first to combine 5G and Wi-Fi 7 tri-band BE11000 throughput, offering 3.5 Gbps over 5G and an extremely low latency of 1 ms. Users benefit from dual connectivity through 5G and ethernet, incorporating load balancing and failover mechanisms among devices in the mesh network to safeguard operations against potential disruptions. The Predator Connect T7 Wi-Fi 7 Mesh Router, with support for Wi-Fi 7 tri-band throughput, keeps up with the combined throughput of BE11000 and can be effortlessly integrated with multi-unit mesh systems, enhanced with High-Band Multi-Link Simultaneous for reliable backhaul and better whole home coverage.

Intelligent Software Compatibility for Best-in-class Experiences

Predator’s newest gaming routers include network acceleration and are compatible with the Intel KillerPrioritization Engine, providing advanced network data detection and optimal prioritization for thousands of different games, apps, and websites. Wi-Fi 7’s features such as 320 MHz channel support, 4K QAM, and Multi-Link Operations improve the routers’ performance by enabling devices to simultaneously send and receive data across different frequency bands and channels, increasing throughput, reducing latency, and minimizing network interferences. With Multi-Link Mesh, gamers can employ multiple access points that work together to form a unified network, offering smart, efficient Wi-Fi throughout homes and large spaces.

Gamers stay in full control of the routers through the Acer Predator Connect utility app and can monitor network signal strength through the Predator logo’s multi-colour lighting indicator located at the top of the enclosure. For an added layer of security, the devices are integrated with Trend Micro Home Network Security engine built-in to keep networked devices protected against potential attacks and help examine network traffic.

Exact specifications, prices, and availability will vary by region.

Acer Expands Gaming Portfolio with New Predator BiFrost and Nitro Series Graphics Cards

AMD Predator Gaming graphics card GPU

Acer has announced the Predator BiFrost AMD RadeonRX 7800 XT OC and a trio of Nitro graphic cards powered by the latest AMD Radeon RX 7000 series GPUs, including the new AMD Radeon RX 7600 XT GPUs. The new graphics cards empower users to experience immersive gaming experiences when playing the latest AAA titles with up to 16GB memory and next-gen technologies.

Boasting 60 unified AMD RDNA™ 3 compute units and paired with Predator FrostBlade3.0 fans, the Predator BiFrost AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT graphics card offers seamless performance in 1440p and 4K gameplay. The Acer Nitro AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT OC graphics card comes loaded with 16 GB of GDDR6 memory and up to 624 Gbps memory bandwidth, while the Acer Nitro AMD Radeon RX 7700 XT OC graphics card offers 12 GB of GDDR6 memory and up to 432 Gbps memory bandwidth.

To achieve smooth and fast performance, the Acer Nitro AMD Radeon RX 7600 XT OC graphics card features 16 GB of GDDR6 memory while doubling down on cooling with Nitro FrostBlade ringed fans, a dual-ball bearing system, three heat dissipation vents, and offering a reinforced copper base to efficiently absorb heat and help increase the device’s lifespan. The meticulously engineered cooling system delivers the overclocking power gamers need to push the graphics card to its limits.

Acer’s latest desktop graphics cards push the boundaries of gaming and creative workflows. Leveraging the AMD RDNA3 architecture, players can harness the power of advanced AI technology and raytracing accelerators to enable fluid resolution and high-refresh-rate gaming in the most competitive titles. Professionals and hobbyists can also edit, visualize, and create with no restraints with support for accelerated rendering applications. In addition, the new graphics cards include the new AMD encode/decode media engine for a more dynamic range of colours and enhancements when playing or streaming and support the DirectX 12 Ultimate API to unleash immersive and lifelike visuals.

Predator BiFrost AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT OC graphics card

The Predator BiFrost AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT OC graphics card fuses the prowess of the AMD RDNA 3 chiplet design and Acer’s latest technology advancements. Gamers can expect major leaps in performance and efficiency with PCIe 4.0 and dual PCIe 8-PIN connectors. With a massive 16 GB GDDR6 memory and 624 Gbps bandwidth, the Predator BiFrost AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT OC graphics card delivers lightning-fast processing and visual fidelity in every frame, plus clock speeds that reach up to a 2,254 MHz game clock and up to 2,565 MHz boost clock for smooth responsiveness.

Crafted with precision, the Predator BiFrost AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT OC graphics card houses a robust cooling system with triple Predator FrostBlade 3.0 fans, a distinct ringed design, and wave-patterned blade texture to enhance airflow, paired with an efficient vapor chamber to optimize heat dispersion. DIY gamers will appreciate the sleek design measuring 281.9 x 117.9 x 61.4 mm and occupying 3 slots, making it a great fit for a wide range of gaming rigs. For added versatility, connectivity options include an HDMI 2.1 port and three DisplayPort 2.1 ports for easy device integration. Finally, the Predator BiFrost Utility App lets gamers oversee the device’s performance and calibrate fan velocities and graphics parameters to their desired settings.

Acer Nitro AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT OC and Acer Nitro AMD Radeon RX 7700 XT OC graphics cards

The Acer Nitro AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT OC and Nitro AMD Radeon RX 7700 XT OC graphics cards are primed to present the latest games in their full visual splendor. They blend redesigned AMD RDNA 3 compute units with unified raytracing and AI accelerators to take gamers on a mesmerizing journey in 1440p and 4K gaming. The Nitro Radeon RX 7700 graphics card’s game clock speed scales up to an impressive 2,276 MHz and the boost clock reaches up to an astounding 2,599 MHz. The Nitro Radeon RX 7800 graphic card’s game clock goes up to 2254 MHz while its boost clock reaches up to 2565 MHz to support graphic-intensive games and tasks.

The new Acer Nitro graphic cards feature a new encode/decode media engine for high-definition encoding capabilities. Whether it is exploring gaming realms, streaming videos, or creating designs, users can experience ultra-enhanced multimedia, elevated colour spectrums, and dynamic enhancements with full AV1 encode/decode support.

Users don’t need to worry about overheating as the Acer Nitro AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT OC and Nitro AMD Radeon RX 7700 XT OC graphics cards feature dual Nitro FrostBlade ringed fans to improve airflow and dispel heat from the heatsink and away from the GPUs. Their dual-ball bearing systems serve to decrease noise, withstand high temperatures, and help minimize the fans’ wear and tear. The advanced cooling system lies beneath its thoughtfully designed exterior, with dimensions of 279 x 129.62 x 50.42 mm and 2.5-slot designs so gamers can maximize space without compromising performance. For added flexibility, the graphics cards come with one HDMI 2.1 port and three DisplayPort 2.1 ports.

Acer Nitro AMD Radeon RX 7600 XT OC graphics card

The Acer Nitro AMD Radeon RX 7600 XT OC graphics card incorporates cutting-edge features for reliable performance. Gamers get a competitive edge and impressive responsiveness with 16 GB of GDDR6 memory and a staggering 288 Gbps bandwidth, along with game clock speeds of up to 2,539 MHz and a 2,810 MHz boost clock. 

To maintain its superb performance, the advanced cooling technology features dual Nitro FrostBlade ringed fans engineered to maximize both high airflow and pressure and effectively dissipate heat from the GPU. The dual-ball bearing system can withstand high temperatures and minimize friction on the fan bearings, while three dissipation holes ensure effective cooling of the device’s vital components. To ensure optimal performance, the Acer Nitro AMD Radeon RX 7600 XT OC graphics card’s cooler is reinforced with a copper base to efficiently absorb heat and dispel it through oxygen-free heat pipes. The capacitors on its PCB board are designed with durability as the priority, boasting a lifespan of 2.5 times longer than that of a regular capacitor. The device is further reinforced with an aluminum backplate and metal anti-bending strip that also supports the device’s temperature control.

Compact yet powerful, the Acer Nitro AMD Radeon RX 7600 XT OT graphics card’s dimensions measure 265.1 x 111.2 x 40.1 mm, and a 2.5-slot form factor, a suitable choice for space-conscious DIY gamers. It is also equipped with an array of vital connectivity ports, including one HDMI 2.1 and three DisplayPort 2.1 ports. With a digital maximum resolution of 7680 x 4320 and the ability to support simultaneous display of 4 monitors, users can indulge in stunning visuals across multiple screens for an enveloping gaming experience.

Price and Availability

The Predator BiFrost AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT OC graphics card will be available in North America in February, starting at USD 549.99, and in EMEA in Q1, starting at EUR 599.

The Acer Nitro AMD Radeon RX 7800 XT OC graphics card will be available in North America in February, starting at USD 509.99, and in EMEA in Q1, starting at EUR 579.

The Acer Nitro AMD Radeon RX 7700 XT OC graphics card will be available in North America in February, starting at USD 459.99, and in EMEA in Q1, starting at EUR 519.

The Acer Nitro AMD Radeon RX 7600 XT OC graphics card will be available in February.

Acer Debuts Curved OLED and MiniLED Monitors for Avid Gamers

Acer Curved OLED Monitor CES0 2024

Acer has expanded its Predator gaming monitor line for hardcore gamers with four premium models designed to make gaming more immersive than ever with wide curved screens, spectacular picture quality, and smooth performance.

The new monitors include a pair of 2304-zone MiniLED models, with the flagship Predator Z57, the largest of the group with a 57-inch DUHD (7680×2160) at 120 Hz display, and the Predator X34 V3 with a 34-inch panel, an immensely popular size for PC gamers. In addition, the powerful 39-inch Predator X39 and the 34-inch Predator X34 X with bright OLED displays offer smooth and captivating visual experiences with up to a 240 Hz refresh rate and blazing-fast 0.01 ms pixel response time.

Predator Z57

The massive 57-inch Predator Z57 with a DUHD (7680×2160) resolution at 120 Hz is a gaming goliath for conquering the fiercest battles. Leveraging the 2304-zone Mini LED technology, it provides superb picture quality and brightness when showing dark scenes and black backgrounds. The wide 32:9 aspect ratio and 1000R curvature draw users closer to the gaming environment and increases their field of vision when playing or working. In addition, top-of-the-line VESA DisplayHDR™ 1000 certification ensures that it achieves up to 1000 nit brightness, produces highly accurate colors, and maximizes light and dark contrast to illuminate fine details, a total difference maker during intense gaming sessions. Combined with a wide DCI-P3 98% color gamut, the Predator Z57 creates visuals so realistic, it will thrill even the most experienced players.

The ultra-wide viewing area is ideal for multi-tasking along with productivity-enhancing features, which include picture-by-picture that splits the screen in half to showcase output from two different sources simultaneously, and picture-in-picture that divides the screen with displays on the main screen and another in an inset window. Two HDMI 2.1 ports support the latest consoles (PlayStation 5 and XBOX Series X), while a DisplayPort 1.4 port also provides fast and reliable connectivity. The Predator Z57 is also VESA-compliant for hanging on a wall to save desk space and its base is elegantly sleek, yet robust and offers adjustable height, tilt, and swivel to suit individual preferences. This model also has two powerful 10W speakers to amplify sound effects.

Predator X34 V3

The Predator X34 V3 has a 34-inch curved MiniLED display with a 21:9 ultrawide QHD (3440×1440) resolution to support avid gamers with smooth performance and a broad view of the action for a competitive advantage. The 1500R curvature deepens immersion and improves peripheral vision, while the high DCI-P3 94% color gamut and VESA DisplayHDR 1000 certification showcase titles in vibrant color and luminosity. A fast 180 Hz refresh rate and 1 ms (G-to-G) response time support fluid, uninterrupted gameplay with minimal ghosting. Excellent connectivity via two HDMI 2.0 ports and DisplayPort 1.4 lets players connect to the gamut of sources available today. The Predator X34 V3 can also be hung on a wall and has an adjustable height, tilt, and swivel to optimize viewing comfort. In addition, two 5W speakers provide quality audio for games, music, and movies, and a wall mount is provided, making it ideal for console gamers.

OLED Models: Predator X39 & Predator X34 X

Acer’s newest OLED models include the 39-inch Predator X39 and the 34-inch Predator X34 X, enabling high contrast for incredibly detailed images and ultra-fast refresh rates and response times for the smoothest possible performance. They also support accurate views, even at tight angles of up to 178 degrees. Both deliver UWQHD (3440×1440) resolution with up to a 240 Hz refresh rate and 0.01 ms pixel response time, ensuring gameplay is smooth and free of stutter and lag. The 800R curvature broadens the peripheral view and amplifies the line of vision to deepen engagement. A broad DCI-P3 99% color gamut supports a vast array of colors and shades, while VESA DisplayHDR True Black 400 showcases details often hidden in the shadows so no details are missed. These new models are also Eyesafe 2.0 certified, and default to image retention refresh to help prevent eye strain.

Key Features in All New Models

All new models feature AMD FreeSync Premium that smoothly renders fast-paced action scenes without screen tearing and flickering. They also have a USB Type-C 90W PD port to deliver display, data transfer, and device charging simultaneously, and a built-in KVM switch for swapping sources without having to reconnect peripherals.

Pricing and Availability

The Predator Z57 will be available in North America in Q2 2024, starting at USD 2,499.99; in EMEA in Q2 2024, starting at EUR 2,399.

The Predator X39 will be available in North America in Q2 2024, starting at USD 1,499.99; in EMEA in Q2 2024, starting at EUR 1,499.

The Predator X34 X will be available in North America in Q2 2024, starting at USD 1,299.99; in EMEA in Q2 2024, starting at EUR 1,299.

The Predator X34 V3 will be available in North America in Q2 2024, starting at USD 899.99; in EMEA in Q2 2024, starting at EUR 849.

Acer Refreshes Predator Helios Gaming Laptops with Intel Core 14th Gen Processors and NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series Laptop GPUs

acer predator gaming laptop ces 2024

Acer has unleashed a series of powerhouse gaming laptops, headlined by the refreshed models of the Predator Helios 18 and Predator Helios 16.

Acer also announced the new Predator Helios Neo 18 gaming laptop and major updates to the Predator Helios Neo 16, all outfitted with the latest Intel® Core 14th gen processors and NVIDIA® GeForce RTX40 Series Laptop GPUs with DLSS 3.5 technology and NVIDIA Advanced Optimus.

NVIDIA RTX Laptop GPUs are packed with specialized AI Tensor Cores enabling unmatched AI performance and accelerations in creative apps, ultra-efficient productivity, blistering fast gaming, and more.

The Predator laptops feature Microsoft’s Copilot in Windows 11 and a dedicated Copilot key for quick access to AI-powered task assistance. They also come with one month of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, giving gamers access to hundreds of high-quality PC games.

Gamers seeking a competitive edge will be thrilled with the Predator Helios 18 and Predator Helios 16 laptops as they come with options for captivating Mini LED panels, MagKey 3.0 swappable mechanical switch for shorter key travel and response time, and lightning-fast network speeds with Wi-Fi 7 compatibility.

Along with the top gaming specs and features, the pair of new Helios Neo laptops entice enthusiasts to embark on another adventure to the Predator verse by decoding the hidden messages on their sleek anodized covers. All the gaming laptops leverage 5th Gen AeroBlade 3D fan technology to keep the laptops cool under pressure, Acer’s PurifiedVoice 2.0 AI-noise reduction technology to eliminate unwanted background noise, and speakers with DTS:X® Ultra for immersive audio experiences when playing, communicating, or streaming.

“We are excited to unveil the new Predator Helios gaming laptop lineup for 2024, offering the combination of performance, advanced thermal capabilities, and brilliant displays,” said James Lin, General Manager, Notebooks at Acer Inc. “Powered by Intel Core (14th Gen) HX-Series processors, the laptops’ capabilities are pushed further and are ready to take on new gaming adventures that lie ahead.”

“The new Acer Predator Helios is a beautiful laptop that truly unleashes the performance of our new Intel Core (14th Gen) HX-Series processors,” says Roger Chandler, VP & GM Enthusiast PC & Workstation at Intel. “Acer’s advanced cooling technologies keep our processors cool and running fast, combined with a great selection of display, memory, and storage options that make the Predator Helios 16 and 18 a great choice for gamers and creators.”

Predator Helios 18 and Predator Helios 16 Laptops

Acer’s performance-focused gaming laptops come with the latest processors and superb features, empowering gamers to reach their full potential when in-game. With up to an Intel Core i9 processor 14900HX that features newly optimized performance hybrid architecture, the Predator Helios 18 (PH18-72) and Predator Helios 16 (PH16-72) let users go head-to-head with today’s most demanding games and software without compromise. Video game realms appear as realistic as ever on the AI-ready gaming laptops, powered by up to an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4090 Laptop GPU (MGP up to 175 W) designed with the ultra-efficient NVIDIA ADA Lovelace architecture to deliver breakthrough performance and AI-enhanced graphics thanks to DLSS 3.5 technology’s full ray tracing capabilities.

GeForce RTX technologies are supported in more than 500 popular games and applications, including blockbuster games such as Cyberpunk 2077 and Alan Wake 2. Acer’s advanced thermal solutions keep the devices and internals running at full steam, driven by dual 5th Gen AeroBlade fans combined with liquid metal thermal grease on the CPU and vector heat pipes.

Players will be fully engaged when exploring gaming realms on the Helios laptops’ impressive displays, illuminated with remarkable brightness and vivid colours. The laptops offer options of 16 and 18-inch (16:10) WQXGA or Mini LED panels that operate at a rapid 250 Hz, support brilliant 1000 nits luminosity, and 100% DCI-P3 colour gamut for exceptional visual experiences. The mesmerizing show of colour extends beyond its screens, showcasing dynamic RGB lighting effects on the laptops’ Predator logos, backside Infinity Mirror lighting bar, and customizable LED backlit keyboards. Lighting effects and colours of the cover logos and per-key RGB can be customized using the latest all-in-one PredatorSenseapp, which also functions as the control and monitor center for the laptops’ performance mode and fan settings.

The Predator Helios 16 and Predator Helios 18 laptops also come with the latest sensory technology features. New MagKey 3.0 has been installed on the laptops’ vital WASD buttons with two additional sets for customization included upon purchase. MagClick features a patented swappable mechanical switch that lets gamers enjoy the satisfying sounds of distinct mechanical tactile feedback and faster response time with every key press. Meanwhile, MagSpeed combines speedometer aesthetics with vibrant LED lighting underneath to add pleasing effects. For in-game communication and streams, the laptops leverage Acer PurifiedVoice 2.0’s triple microphone array and AI noise reduction technology to filter out unwanted background sounds, and Acer PurifiedView’s AI-powered webcam solution for clear video and image outputs.

Immersive sounds can be amplified through the headphones and internal speakers embedded with DTS:X Ultra for high-quality and distortion-free audio. The Predator Helios laptops also ensure stable and fast network speeds with Wi-Fi 7 capability and each features two all-around USB Type-C Thunderbolt 4 ports and MicroSD card readers for added convenience.

Predator Helios Neo 18 and Helios Neo 16 Laptops

The all-new Predator Helios Neo 18 (PHN18-71) and Predator Helios Neo 16 (PHN16-72) come with the latest technology and features at more accessible price points, to power the gaming adventures of more casual and entry-level esports players. Known for their unique visual appearances, the Helios Neo laptops continue to showcase striking designs and distinctive details with laser-etched encrypted codes on their deep black anodized covers, enticing gamers to decipher the hidden messages and embark on an exhilarating journey to the Predator Verse.

Powered by up to a newly optimized Intel Core i9 processor 14900HX paired with up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Laptop GPUs with maximum graphics power of 140 W in Turbo mode, the Helios Neo gaming devices enable users to do more beyond gaming and creation. They also leverage smooth AI-driven graphic enhancements and accelerated system performance with DLSS 3.5 technology and full ray tracing. As an added boost, the laptops can be configured with up to 32 GB DDR5 5600 MHz memory and up to 2 TB PCIe Gen 4 solid state drives in RAID 0. The combination of 5th Gen AeroBlade 3D fan technology, liquid metal thermal grease on their CPUs, and vector heat pipes for efficient heat transfer ensures that the laptops’ maximum output is sustained throughout.

On top of their impressive internals, the Helios Neo 18 and Helios Neo 16 laptops showcase stunning visuals on their WQXGA (2560 x 1600) IPS displays with 240 Hz refresh rates, 3 ms response time, and coverage for 100% DCI-P3 colour range. Their panels come with NVIDIA Advanced Optimus and G-SYNC technology to dynamically increase frame rates and reduce latency based on loaded games and applications. Features such as dynamic lighting customization on the laptops’ 4-zone RGB keyboard and device management through the PredatorSense 5.0 utility app (with a dedicated PredatorSense Key) give users full control and allow them to add personal touches to their devices.

The Helios Neo 18 and Helios Neo 16 laptops also utilize Acer’s AI-enhanced video conferencing tools in Acer PurifiedVoice 2.0 and Acer PurifiedView, while the powerful DTS:X Ultra surround sound speaker system elevates sounds generated when gaming, chatting, and leisure activities. They also come with Intel Killer DoubleShot Pro for lag-free connections, and a full range of ports including two USB Type-C with Thunderbolt 4 ports, an HDMI 2.1 port, and MicroSD card readers.

Price and Availability

The Predator Helios 18 (PH18-72) will be available in North America in March, starting at USD 1,999.99; in EMEA in February, starting at EUR 3,999, and in UK in March, starting at GBP £3,799.

The Predator Helios 16 (PH16-72) will be available in North America in January, starting at USD 1,899.99; in EMEA in February, starting at EUR 2,799.

The Predator Helios Neo 18 (PHN18-71) will be available in North America in March, starting at USD 1,549.99, and in EMEA in February, starting at EUR 2,199.

The Predator Helios Neo 16 (PHN16-72) will be available in North America in March, starting at USD 1,499.99; in EMEA in February, starting at EUR 1,699, and in the UK from March, starting at GBP £1,699.

Acer Unveils New Swift Go AI PCs with Intel Core Ultra Processors

Acer expanded its Swift family of thin and light laptops with new Intel® Core Ultra processors featuring Intel’s first neural processing unit (NPU) and integrated AI acceleration capabilities. Now even more performance-minded, capable, and intuitive for content creation, schoolwork, productivity, and play, the new Swift laptops’ powerful processing and AI-supported features further the laptop’s usability.

“After unveiling our first Intel Core Ultra laptops last month, we’re debuting even more products in our Swift line to help a wider range of customers take advantage of premium laptop experiences and AI-supported technology for more exciting and effective PC use,” said James Lin, General Manager, Notebooks, IT Products Business, Acer. “Plus, these laptops feature impressive updates that help customers do more – and do them even better.”

“Through our deep, technical collaboration with Acer, we are building beyond the CPU focusing on power efficiency, graphics, and AI usages. The Acer Swift Go and Acer Swift X 14 laptops are excellent examples of AI PCs being delivered to market, powered by Intel Core Ultra processors and featuring an all-new NPU to enable AI on client. We are excited to have our customers experience the enhanced collaboration, productivity, and creativity these AI PCs deliver,” said Jim Johnson, Senior Vice President and General Manager of the Client Business Group, Intel.

Acer Swift Go Laptops – The Latest Tech with OLED Displays, Wi-Fi 7 and AI Features

Verified as Intel Evo platform laptops, the new Acer Swift Go 16 (SFG16-72) and Swift Go 14 (SFG14-73) are powered by new Intel Core Ultra processors and Intel Arc built-in GPUs, delivering the in-demand pairing of premium performance and all-day battery life of up to 12.5 hours for the 14-inch laptop and up to 10.5 hours for the 16-inch version.

Other improvements to enhance user experiences and creativity with AI-supported features make the Swift Go laptop lines even more attractive. Built for the next wave of computing, users can access Copilot in Windows with one click of the laptop’s dedicated Copilot key and harness the power of AI to optimize time spent when working, creating, and playing on the device. Both AI PCs also showcase a 1440p QHD webcam with TNR, resulting in higher-quality video, paired with Acer PurifiedView’s AI-boosted conferencing features including Background Blur, Automatic Framing, and Eye Contact.

The webcam is complemented by Acer PurifiedVoice 2.0 technology with AI noise reduction, which pairs with the three microphones to capture crisp, clear audio and reduce background noise and voices beyond that of the speaker. The addition of Intel Wi-Fi 7 delivers internet connection speeds up to 2.4x faster than Wi-Fi 6E and keeps the laptops connected when it matters most.

Both laptops highlight the Swift line’s thin-and-light aluminium chassis, which can be opened to 180 degrees, so they lay flat for easy collaboration. The Swift Go 14 features an option for a multi-control lighting touchpad on certain models that enables direct media commands, and an OceanGlass touchpad that further ensures smooth and productive scrolling experiences. Both touchpads also boast 44% larger scrolling space to support on-the-go lifestyles and mouse-free scrolling. Plus, the Swift Go models now feature the latest Intel Unison 2.0, which enables a fast and easy connection between the laptop and the customer’s Android or iOS devices.

Like their predecessors, the new Swift Go devices feature vibrant, colour-rich OLED displays with 500-nit peak brightness, 100% DCI-P3 colour range, and DisplayHDR True Black 500 certification. Images are vivid and detailed on the Swift Go 16’s 16-inch 3.2K OLED display with a 3200 x 2000 resolution and 120 Hz refresh rate, while the Swift Go 14 presents a 14-inch 2.8K OLED display with a 2880 x 1800 resolution and a 90 Hz refresh rate. Both models include TÜV Rheinland Eyesafe® display certification to help reduce the effects of eye strain. Plus, they feature the option for WUXGA touchscreen displays to enable touch and pen input, especially helpful for note-taking and sketching.

In addition, the Swift Go laptops now support up to 32GB LPDDR5X memory and up to an upgradable 2TB PCIe Gen 4 SSD with dual slots. Finally, the devices carry the latest port selection to connect to peripherals and displays including dual USB Type-C ports with Thunderbolt 4 –both offering fast charging, a USB Type-A port with offline charging, HDMI 2.1, and a microSD card reader. The laptops also include Bluetooth LE Audio for improved wireless audio.

Acer Swift X 14 – AI PC with Calman-Verified Display for Creators and Students

The new Acer Swift X 14 (SFX14-72G) extends the tradition of empowering a variety of users with powerful combinations and amazing displays, now with the latest Intel Core Ultra processors, NVIDIA GeForce RTX 40 Series Laptop GPUs, and a newly Calman-verified 2.8K OLED panel. Powered by new Intel Core Ultra H-Series processors and up to NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Laptop GPUs, the premium laptop enables faster AI-enhanced workflows for higher quality live streaming, video editing, and 3D rendering. NVIDIA DLSS 3.5 technology brings AI-powered ray reconstruction for upscaled lighting effects and resolution in graphics-heavy games and applications. Plus, the Swift X 14 is NVIDIA Studio-validated, optimized with pre-installed NVIDIA Studio Drivers, and includes Copilot in Windows built-in (with a dedicated Copilot key) that harnesses the power of AI to work alongside users when navigating their devices and applications.

The Calman-verified 14.5-inch 2.8K OLED display ensures impressive colour accuracy with Delta E<2 in animation, photos, and video so that creators and professionals can bring their designs to life. Bold colours combine with incredible clarity on the OLED display thanks to its 100% DCI-P3 colour range capabilities, high-contrast rating, and 500-nit peak brightness with VESA DisplayHDR TrueBlack 500 certification. The display features Acer Light Sensing technology, which vividly adapts colour temperature and brightness to reflect lighting conditions. Finally, the 120 Hz frame refresh rate ensures smooth, elevated video and entertainment viewing experiences.

In addition to content creation, the Swift X 14 is ready for productivity to help accomplish work and school tasks. Conferencing is seamless and effective with the combination of a FHD webcam that features AI-enabled Temporal Noise Reduction (TNR), as well as Acer PurifiedView and PurifiedVoice 2.0 with AI Noise Reduction technology, with three microphones for enhanced audio capture and crisp visual and audio clarity. The latest ports and connectivity – dual USB Type-C ports, an HDMI 2.1 port, and a MicroSD card reader, as well as Wi-Fi 6E and Bluetooth LE Audio – keep the devices functional and connected while advanced thermal technologies – a large fan, dual D6 copper heat pipes, and dedicated air inlet keyboard – help keep the laptop cool. The Swift X 14 is also well-equipped with up to 32 GB LPDDR5X memory and up to 1 TB PCIe Gen 4 SSD.

Price and Availability

The Acer Swift Go 16 (SFG16-72/T) will be available in North America in March, starting at USD 799.99 and in EMEA in February, starting at EUR 1,149 and GBP from £1099

The Acer Swift Go 14 (SFG14-73/T​) will be available in North America in March, starting at USD 749.99; in EMEA in February, starting at EUR 1,099, and in China in February, starting at RMB 5,499 and GBP from £899

The Acer Swift X 14 (SFX14-72G​) will be available in North America in February, starting at USD 1,399.99; in EMEA in February, starting at EUR 1,799.

Acer Debuts Carbon-Neutral Aspire Vero 16 with Latest Intel Core Ultra Processors

Acer announced new additions to its Aspire laptop line, showcasing an extensive range of performance and design options to support everyday computing needs.

The Aspire Vero 16 is the latest from its Vero product line, powered by the new Intel® CoreUltra processors with Intel AI Boost and Wi-Fi 7 compatibility. Acer has committed to carbon neutrality for the Aspire Vero 16, following international standards for carbon footprint calculation and carbon neutrality. Actions are taken at each stage of the device lifecycle to minimize its carbon footprint, and then, high-quality carbon credits will be applied to attain carbon neutrality. The Intel Evo Edition laptop has increased the usage of post-consumer recycled (PCR) materials on the chassis, doubling that of the 2021 model, to combine eco-innovation and premium PC experiences on the device.

The new Acer Aspire Go 15 and the Aspire Go 14 laptops aim to support home users’ and families’ day-to-day usage. The Aspire Go laptops feature up to Intel Core i3 N-Series processors, boosted memory capacity, full-function peripherals, and Acer PurifiedVoice technology, while the Aspire Go 14 also includes an AMD Ryzen 7000 Series processor option. For added flexibility, the new Aspire devices come with the latest AI-powered technology; an intelligent AI companion with Copilot in Windows and quick access via a dedicated Copilot key, along with Acer PurifiedVoice for clear-cut conference calls.

Aspire Vero 16: Carbon Neutral AI PC with Phenomenal Performance

Combining a new design and the latest collaboration features, the Acer Aspire Vero 16 (AV16-51P) is made for those who are looking for an eco-conscious choice without sacrificing performance. Engineered to do more, the Intel Evo Edition is powered with up to Intel Core Ultra 7 processors with Intel AI Boost to deliver premium PC experiences, supercharged productivity, and long-lasting battery life of up to 10.5 hours on a single charge. Shipped with Copilot in Windows, it utilizes the application’s centralized generative AI to intelligently assist users in navigating across their devices with ease, helping save time and effort when working, creating, or playing. Crystal-clear video and audio are delivered on the AI PC’s 1440p QHD webcam with AI-assisted Acer PurifiedVoice to stay clear of unwanted noise when conferencing. The Windows 11 laptop is also equipped with 16 GB of LPDDR5 memory which supports up to 2 TB dual PCIe Gen 4 SSD of upgradable storage.

Users will appreciate the simplicity of the Aspire Vero 16’s new eco-chic design with its smoothened surface, finished off with the iconic Cobblestone Gray colour. The tactile chassis’ texture contains no volatile organic compounds, paint, or additives, and is made with 60% PCR material, resulting in less CO2 emissions during production. The Aspire Vero 16’s eco-friendly features are topped off with an OceanGlass touchpad, made with ocean-bound plastic, is shipped in 100% recycled packaging, and comes with EPEAT Gold registration, making it a great choice for users who want to do their part for the environment.

Ensuring user experiences are not compromised, the Aspire Vero 16 comes with a range of features to elevate collaboration and support varied lifestyles. The device’s 16-inch WQXGA (2560 x 1600) display with a 16:10 aspect ratio and thin bezels is great for work or entertainment purposes as it covers 100% of the sRGB colour space and is available with a WUXGA touchscreen option. Users can stream, work, and connect effortlessly in any location with Wi-Fi 7 compatibility and a selection of vital connectivity features such as Bluetooth LE Audio, two USB Type-C ports (Thunderbolt 4 and USB 4), and an HDMI 2.1 port. The Aspire Vero 16 also comes with a host of intelligent applications including the AcerSenseapp to manage the laptop’s battery consumption, power-saving, and performance modes, while Intel Unison 2.0 integrates different devices and operating systems in a single screen for seamless productivity.

Aspire Go Laptops: Accessible and User-Friendly

The new Aspire Go laptops are well-rounded devices for home use, families, and students who look for great value and performance, with all the essentials needed to stay connected and productive. The Aspire Go 15 (AG15-31P) and Aspire Go 14 (AG14-31P) models are powered by up to Intel Core i3 N-Series processors, while the Aspire Go 14 (AG14-21P) can also be equipped with the AMD Ryzen 7000 Series processors to provide responsive performance, coupled with up to 10 hours of battery life across all models. Each model also comes with up to 16 GB LPDDR5 RAM and up to 1 TB M.2 PCIe Gen3 SSD for sufficient storage space to save images, videos, and files.

With narrow bezel designs and up to 16:10 aspect ratios, the Aspire Go laptops offer large viewing spaces and high-resolution visuals on the Aspire Go 14’s WUXGA panel and the Aspire Go 15’s FHD display. The devices are also integrated with Copilot in Windows, offering greater usability and assistance to users when performing tasks and utilizing applications on their devices with a single click of the dedicated Copilot key. Video calls on the devices are also enhanced with Acer’s TNR solution for better image clarity, even in low-light conditions, while Acer PurifiedVoice AI Noise Reduction and dual digital microphones ensure voices are captured with precision. AcerSense is the go-to when optimizing storage space and monitoring applications, while Wi-Fi 6 connectivity helps minimize buffering when video calling and streaming movies.

All new Aspire Go models also feature Acer BlueLightShield to help protect the eyes during extended viewing periods. The Aspire Go 15 and Aspire Go 14 also boast several eco-friendly features as they incorporate recyclable materials in their cover and packaging and come with Energy Star and EPEAT Silver registration.

Price and Availability

The Acer Aspire Vero 16 (AV16-51P) will be available in North America in April, starting at USD 749.99, and in EMEA in March, starting at EUR 1,199.

The Acer Aspire Go 15 (AG15-31P) will be available in North America in February, starting at USD 249.99, and in EMEA in February, starting at EUR 529.

The Acer Aspire Go 14 (Intel processor) (AG14-31P) will be available in North America in March, starting at USD 249.99, and in EMEA in March, starting at EUR 549.

The Acer Aspire Go 14 (AMD processor) (AG14-21P) will be available in North America in March, starting at USD 379.99, and in EMEA in March, starting at EUR 649.

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