11% of UK gamers say they never clean their gaming setups, Manchester gamers found to be amongst the cleanest

Asmongold gaming set up clean or messy

One in ten gamers in the UK have admitted to never cleaning their gaming setups, a new survey has found.

And more than half of UK gamers (55%) say they clean their gaming setups less than once a month.

A quarter (23%) only clean their rigs every six to 12 months, and a super tidy minority say they clean their gaming setup either before or after each use.

This is according to a recent study by PlayOjo, which surveyed 500 gamers from across the UK aged 18 and above.

While these stats aren’t all that surprising, they also revealed some of the cleanest and messiest UK gamers based on region.

36% of Manchester gamers clean their setups once a month, while 21% of gamers in Sheffield admitted to never having cleaned their setup in the whole time they’ve owned it – twice the national average.

Even well-known US-based (and notoriously messy) MMO streamer Asmongold has cleaned his setup (pictured above) a few times in the past, believe it or not.

The survey comes as PlayOjo is looking for the UK’s messiest gamer, with a £500 Amazon voucher up for grabs to the winner. Users must be 18+ to enter and this competition has no affiliation with Esports News UK.

There’s more info on the UK messy gaming survey and competition on the PlayOjo website here.

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