Endpoint announce bootcamp service Pracrooms.gg

Pracrooms.gg Endpoint bootcamp rooms

UK-based esports organisation Endpoint have announced the launch of Pracrooms.gg (aka Pracrooms), a bespoke business-to-business bootcamp service. 

Endpoint’s recently opened headquarters, located in the south of Sheffield, is fitted out with four bootcamp rooms. Two of these have six PCs each and the other two have seven PCs each, and all rooms include a TV for analysis sessions.

The Sheffield location also includes a full media studio to help teams create content from their bootcamps.

Endpoint said the PCs provided by Overclockers UK ‘are capable of running any game to the highest standard’, and they also come with 240-360hz BenQ monitors to ensure a high refresh rate.

Endpoint also have facilities in Watford (North London) and Farringdon (Central London), provided by long-term partner CeX, and say these are ideal for esports teams who want to practice in the city ahead of events. In total, there are six bootcamp rooms across all three Pracrooms.gg locations (four in Sheffield and two in London).

Pracrooms.gg also has access to accommodation, which is a short walk from the Sheffield headquarters. Endpoint has two apartments in two 3-bedroom configurations, or they can host up to eight people in a single configuration.

You can see more pictures of the facilities from our Instagram page:

Pracrooms.gg promises ‘the best prices’

A press release stated: “Pracrooms.gg are happy to arrange accommodation for you and help with travel arrangements to streamline the bootcamp process. We offer the best prices for private bootcamps in the UK with elite level facilities in a great location.

“Teams who book to use our facilities can expect 24/7 access to their secure bootcamp rooms, which feature superfast leased line internet to provide the best possible experience, tailored to your needs. We also have an on-site media studio with top-tier equipment, available to both teams and tournament organisers for all your media needs.”

In terms of pricing, Sheffield and Watford cost between £245-£350 a day depending on the length of stay. Farringdon costs £350-£500 a day depending on the length of stay.

Endpoint is headed up by experienced UK esports managers Adam Jessop and Pete Thompson. Since founding Endpoint in 2016, the organisation have become the leading UK esports org in the North of England, competing in Counter-Strike, Rocket League and Quake with a reputation for unearthing young international talent supported by the best players in the UK.

Peter added more info on Pracrooms here:

Endpoint’s UK Counter-Strike crown was recently taken by Into the Breach, who won the CSGO Spring 2023 ESL Premiership by beating Endpoint in the final.

Interested parties can contact [email protected]. Specs, testimonials and other promotional materials can be found at pracrooms.gg

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