MSI tickets go on sale: LoL esports fans scramble for tickets as Mastercard presale begins

MSI tickets go on sale for London 2023

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Today is the day that the 2023 MSI tickets go on sale for the first time – and fans of League of Legends esports are hoping to secure their seats at this year’s Mid-Season Invitational in London.

As expected with any popular ticketed in-person event, the process for buying tickets online hasn’t been a smooth process for everyone.

As revealed in our MSI tickets on-sale date article from earlier this month, the Mastercard Presale for MSI tickets began this morning (February 21st 2023 from 10am GMT) – a presale only for Mastercard holders. For everyone else, tickets will go on sale at 10am GMT this Thursday, February 23rd 2023.

Riot told Esports News UK: “The Mastercard presale was for a select number of tickets in certain sections of the venue. All general admission tickets will go on sale on February 23rd.”

MSI London runs from Tuesday May 2nd to Sunday May 21st.

Some fans report issues as MSI tickets go on sale

Some League of Legends esports fans and community members reported difficulties trying to book tickets for the final few days in particular, around the semi-finals and the final, as MSI tickets go on sale.

On some days, ticket buyers were greeted with the following message: “There are currently no tickets available. Continue to check back as additional tickets may become available for purchase at a later time.”

Others reported failures at the payment stage of the ticket-buying process, while some bemoaned the thought of bots or scalpers getting tickets ahead of genuine fans. And some said they had no issues, and that MSI tickets were easy to get.

One Twitter user and a mod for Medic, Zemelci, said:

“Buying MSI tickets should be labelled as an extreme sport.”

Another League player, Claire, added: “Seven of us in queue to get MSI tickets and not one of us did, haha rip.”

There were also some complaints that MSI ticket prices were slightly higher than previously reported in Riot’s press release, with them starting at £29 instead of what Riot previously said (£24). However, we reached out to our press contact to check, and this is not true – the lowest pricing is still £24.

As MSI tickets go on sale, buyers have been limited to four tickets per order, and were told that those aged under 16 must be accompanied by an adult.

Others in the UK League esports community commented:

You can head over to the MSI 2023 page on the AXS website to grab tickets and learn more. Following today’s Mastercard Presale, the general MSI tickets go on sale date is this Thursday (Feb 23rd) from 10am.

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