How To Analyze Odds of a Bookmaker in CS:GO bets

CS:GO bets

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CS:GO not only involves a huge range of in-game aspects but also those that lie beyond the servers. CS:GO betting and CS:GO odds in matches are an example of this.

In this article we’ll help you understand how to analyze CS:GO odds, what to pay attention to while choosing the best option and how esports matches with live scores work with CS:GO as an example.

How to analyze CS:GO odds

To increase success of CS:GO odds or odds in any other discipline, you need to approach the match with preparation and be able to analyze CS:GO odds from bookmakers. Such skills take time to be developed, however, so starting from something small can help you succeed in the initial stages.

Team’s results

The first parameter to take into consideration while making bets on CS:GO matches is a particular team’s results from recent matches. This is necessary for developing analysis and moving to smaller aspects of matches that affect their outcome.

You can research results of recents matches in different ways: some analyse a big pool of games, while some find the score of the games played by teams more important. We recommend looking at the results as a whole, taking into account general trends of the teams and paying attention to their success at a specific event.

Lineup of the team

The key to a team’s ability to achieve great results is its lineup. Undoubtedly, this is an essential fact that influences CS:GO odds in any tournament.

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A team that had a few changes or has replaced the most efficient player is of course likely to be weaker or at least less stable than its opponent’s. On the other hand, a team that has had a stable roster for a long time theoretically has more chances to succeed (depending on the player skill level compared to other teams).

When analyzing the roster of teams, pay attention to the form and traits of the players themselves. One player leaving does not always entail disastrous results at the beginning: new blood in the team can result in more drive and freshen up their play style.

History of meetings in person and LAN matches

Another significant point that helps to “read” CS:GO odds from bookmakers is the match history and personal battles of the teams. In competitive CS:GO this factor is of big importance.

There are cases where historically one team may play better than the other. Let’s take Natus Vincere and G2 from the end of 2022/beginning of 2023 as an example when Navi’s team couldn’t have a good game in comparison to their opponents at matches in person.

Another success factor comes into play here. The team that has a huge winning streak and beats all opponents can fail in a seemingly easy match due to the opponent being inconvenient or hard countering their play style.

Egamersworld CS:GO matches and CS:GO bets

How do esports matches work?

An important factor of CS:GO odds analysis is the structure of esports matches themselves. They can be different and each format affects the evaluation from bookmakers.

Odds in Bo1 tend to be higher than in Bo3 and especially Bo5 due to several things that may happen during the game. Winning one map from a favourite is more like than closing an entire series, of course.

Besides, in the latter stages of tournament, the figures will be much more balanced as the teams have gone a long way and have a series of victories in their pocket. This is especially noticeable at tournaments like majors where final stages host battles between the best of the best.

Live Score Analysis

Esports matches with live scores can help you make an accurate bet. For ongoing analysis of this as the game goes on, having great understanding of CS:GO will help.

The live score is formed after the start of the game and is based on what’s happening in the present. Lots of factors contribute to this: loss of the team in a gun round, opponents winning an eco round, a streak of points won in a row and so on.

Another important point for live score is: switching sides. Competitive CS:GO of course involves attack and defence and this may play a key role for some teams. If a team loses 10-5 as a weak opponent, it makes sense to look at the odds for this: having switched sides, they may be more likely to collect rounds and even up the score.

An ability to analyze matches with live score can increase the chance of success of your CS:GO bets. The more information and statistics you have, the higher your chance of success.

Summing it up, we need to understand that the analysis of odds of CS:GO matches is quite a challenging task with numerous variables. You need to approach it properly and put in the research, and your chance to succeed may increase.

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