League of Legends Prime Gaming Capsule confirmed for February 2023, but what about the rest of the year?

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There will be a League of Legends Prime Gaming Capsule for February 2023 after all, as confirmed by Amazon and Riot Games.

The official Prime Gaming Twitter account published this tweet in the early hours of this morning, saying that a new capsule will be dropping tomorrow (Thursday February 16th 2023), and that new Legends of Runeterra and Wild Rift rewards are available too.

The news comes after the time to unlock the January League of Legends Prime Gaming Capsule capsule was extended to February 16th, as part of the Prime Gaming February 2023 rewards announcement.

The capsules are for members of the paid Amazon Prime subscription services, which gives people access to faster delivery on Amazon, plus Amazon Prime Video and Prime Gaming benefits.

As usual, the League of Legends Prime Gaming Capsule is expected to contain:

  • 350 RP
  • 5 Mythic Essence
  • 200 Orange Essence
  • 1x Unowned 1,350 RP Skin Permanent
  • 5x Champion Shards
  • 2x Series 1 Eternals Shards
  • 30-Day XP Boost

League of Legends Prime Gaming Capsule plans for the rest of 2023

League of Legends Prime Gaming Capsule 2021 Info

A video by Matty Love Gaming published earlier this week appeared to show dialogue from an Amazon customer services assistant saying that Prime Gaming’s deal with Riot Games was only for 2022.

This was soon shared on the League of Legends subreddit, where RiotMeddler weighed in, saying: “Our original partnership with Amazon was just for 2022. We have, however, been talking with them about a potential 2023 version. In the short term, while those conversations are ongoing, we’re going to do a February capsule drop that’s the same as last year’s.

“In the long term, we’re still figuring out whether something’s possible and if so what it might look like (though it’s unlikely to be the same as the 2022 version). We’ll share the new details with you as soon as we’ve got something concrete.”


When asked about how negotiations are held between Riot and Amazon for the League of Legends Prime Gaming Capsule offers, RiotMeddler responded: “That’s one of those things we can’t really talk about except in fairly vague terms unfortunately. A lot of it though is about trying to figure out what creates the best overall package that leaves both parties as happy as possible (since the ideal scenario is a long running partnership both organisations feel good about).

“Lots of back and forth about potential options, trade offs, etc while working to understand the goals of the partner org you’re talking with.”

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