Jamada and Nymaera added to LPL 2023 Spring broadcast talent line-up

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UK League of Legends casters Jamada and Nymaera have joined the Chinese LPL 2023 broadcast talent line-up for the Spring Season.

They join what is a bumper team of on-air talent, which once again includes fellow UK caster Munchables and Ireland’s Oisin.

The team also features Lyric (USA), Mazel (USA), Kitty (China), Christina (China), Wendy (China) and Hysterics (Australia).

The line-up was announced on Twitter yesterday ahead of the first broadcast of the new season today. It was an action-packed day, with JD Gaming, Invictus and Team WE picking up wins vs Bilibili, Rogue Warriors and FPX respectively.

Nymaera and Jamada enjoyed a good year in 2022, having been a part of the NLC and LEC broadcasts, and now they are making their Chinese LPL 2023 core team debut. Jamada was also a guest caster on the LPL last year too.

Nymaera complimented the team and said he’s looking forward to being a part of it:

Jamada added: “I’m so so so happy to be a part of the LPL 2023 Spring core talent team. It’s been a long road coming but I can proudly say I’m on a major region broadcast regularly – finally!

“Looking forward to covering the best region in the world.”

Jamada also spoke about leaving the NLC, the EMEA Regional League for the UK, Ireland, Nordics and Malta, saying he’ll cherish his memories from the league:

Last year, in the LPL broadcast team announcement for 2022, there was also UK caster Aux and Ireland’s Dagda included, who don’t seem to be returning for this year.

Aux has not yet commented publicly about this, but Esports News UK understands he has plans to feature on a different broadcast, is excited about this and details are being finalised, with an announcement to be made in due course.

Dagda commented on Twitter: “The cat’s out of the bag. I won’t be returning to the LPL 2023 broadcast this year. The last three years have been incredible and I’m glad to call these people my friends. Many tears were shed when we said goodbye.

“This won’t be the last you see of me though! Stayed tuned for news!”

Dagda and Oisin were also part of the Worlds 2022 broadcast line-up.

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