Former Team Liquid PUBG roster wins Continental Series Europe playoffs

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Earlier this month, the former Team Liquid PUBG roster won the PUBG Continental Series 7 (PCS7) Europe Playoffs.

The team, going by the name of Overpeekers, finished first out of 32 squads, including others like Navi, Ence, Acend and FaZe Clan.

The roster consists of jeemzz (Norway), mxey (Finland), vard (UK) and clib (Denmark), with coach Fuzzface (Sweden). They have stuck together after Team Liquid exited PUBG a few weeks ago, who said that “PUBG esports has shifted in a direction that we cannot follow”.

Liquid added: “As an organisation and esports team, we’re governed by the financial realities of the scene, and as this industry grows it also changes. Those changes – in esports, business, and even international marketplaces – mean that we have to exit PUBG.”

Overpeekers will now compete for a $250,000 prize pool having earned one of the 16 spots at the Grand Finals. They will compete for a chance to secure PUBG Global Championship Points or be awarded automatic qualification into PGC 2022 by winning PCS7 Europe.

The Playoffs were split into three stages – ‘Group Stage,’ ‘Elimination Stage’ and ‘Last Chance’ – and took place online over the course of eight days across September 1st to 11th 2022.

The top four teams in the tournament were Overpeekers, Northern Lights Team, Navi and Ence.

They and the following 12 teams will now play in the grand finals: Austrian Force, Acend, Question Mark, The Woo, winordie, FaZe Clan, Howl Esports, FUT Esports, Fellas, PolishPower, Exalt and Stardust.

Fans were able to tune into all of the European PCS7 action on the official PUBG Esports YouTube and Twitch channels, where they were joined by Marten “Avnqr” Gøth, Patrick “Frosz” Lu, Ivo “Kowo” Schenk, Sam “Tech Girl” Wright, and Tobias “TheNameIsToby” Wiinblad.

UK casters included Liam “Chunks” Desposito, James “Kaelaris” Carrol, John “Jorosar” Sargent and Richard “Saga” Sharples.

There were also Turkish and German broadcasts available, as well as the English PUBG broadcast.

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