Exclusive: James Banks on joining CSGO esports team Bad News Eagles in unpaid manager role: ‘I know no matter what, they will give their all – and I’m sure we’ll find a home for them soon!’

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British esports host, manager, interviewer and esports personality James Banks has joined Bad News Eagles as their team manager – and has offered to help them for free.

He’ll be helping them out with structure and finding the right team organisation for them, and said he won’t be taking anything from the team for his work.

James told Esports News UK in an exclusive in-depth comment: “I first discovered the Bad News Eagles team before they qualified for the RMR. I was covering the open qualifier games on my stream, just talking more so than commentating, and enjoying the games to see what might happen. I had only heard of rigoN and flatroo at the time.

“At first glance, I saw they had some really solid aimers, an aggressive style but with some actual structure, they were not just licking their way through it. Then I paid more attention to them, got to know them during the RMR where they made it to the Major itself. On top of that, they also qualified for Blast Showdown – and you could see they were making consistent results.

“One thing I told them was that while they were looking for an organisation, they should be careful, because some orgs will try to take advantage of them. Now, compare these guys to most of the teams at the top, they do not have an analyst, performance coaches or even an org, they just have five players and a coach. Yet they are grinding hard and trying to put their best foot forward.”

James Banks

“So we spoke a little, I said: ‘Look, I don’t need a job, I’m not looking for anything in return but let me help you find a good organisation and get the support you deserve’.

“I can relate a lot to their passion and the way they are together outside of the game. When I sit and talk with them, we have a lot in common. I just want to see them get a good organisation that can help elevate them further.

“But one thing is for sure, I know no matter what, they will give their all and I am sure we will find a home for them soon!”

Bad News Eagles made headlines last month when they became the first esports team from Kosovo to reach a CSGO Major.

Albin Kurti, Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo, congratulated them, saying: “Proud of Bad News Eagles who made it to the PGL Antwerp Major 2022. Not many have the chance to make history. Best of luck in the Major!”

Bad News Eagles are an org-less team consisting mainly of Kosovan players. They currently have two wins and one loss at the major.

James also posted more on the situation here and how interested organisations can get in touch:

James Banks is currently working as an interviewer at the PGL Antwerp Major, alongside other broadcast talent like Frankie Ward, Machine and more. The Major is taking place right now and runs until May 22nd 2022.

James Banks also worked with Sjokz at the PGL European RMR last month.

He also interviewed Fnatic British player Mezii for Esports News UK earlier this year.

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