Arcana LoL skins announced for Ahri, Ryze, Hecarim, Rakan and Xayah

arcana ahri lol skin

Riot Games has today officially announced a bunch of new League of Legends (LoL) skins in the Arcana skin line.

These skins will be for Ahri (pictured above), Ryze, Hecarim, Rakan and Xayah, offering a tarot card-themed red and gold look and feel for the four champions, as well as chroma skins.

The new 2022 Arcana LoL skins will likely arrive in April around patch 12.7 (Wednesday April 13th 2022).

They were announced on the League of Legends social accounts this afternoon, which showed off their animations as PBE (public beta environment) previews:

The following chromas will be released this patch:

It’s not yet clear how much the skins will cost, but some reports suggest they may cost around 1,350RP (around £8) each, which is how much the existing Arcana skins each cost in the in-game LoL shop.

The upcoming additions to the Arcana line join other skins in that range: Arcana Camille, Arcana Xerath, Arcana Lucian and Arcana Tahm Kench.

In other LoL skins updates, earlier this month, LoL Anima Squad skins including Battle Cat Jinx Prestige Edition and Battle Bunny Prime Riven were revealed. These are due to be go live tomorrow (Wednesday March 30th 2022) in patch 12.6.

Prior to these, new LoL Bee skins were announced for Orianna, Ziggs, Nunu & Willump and Heimerdinger, and at the start of 2022, Porcelain, Withered/Crystal Rose and new Firecracker LoL skins were revealed, including another Prestige Edition Lux and Prestige Brave Phoenix Xayah.

In other general LoL game news, Riot announced that it is considering removing Duo Queue from League of Legends in favour of a Solo Only Mode.

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