How to Choose an Online Sportsbook in 4 Easy Steps

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For sports and sports betting enthusiasts, choosing the right platform for entertainment can be crucial to their overall gambling experience. However, this is not always easy for those who have just started their journey to find profits. They will need a tremendous amount of knowledge and have to familiarise themselves with every option from scratch, which will take a lot of time – if not provided with detailed instructions.

So today’s promoted article aims to give advice to new users in order to improve their success in this vast market. In addition to choosing top online betting sites, which is paramount if you don’t want to be a victim of scams, take a look at the following factors to understand your needs and optimise your search process for an online sportsbook at BetMentor.

Know What You Are Looking for

On the market today, thousands of online sports betting platforms offer a wide variety of betting options. This variety can be satisfying for experienced players, but it might be a challenge for newcomers to find an option that works for them. Therefore, knowing what you are hunting for is the key to solving this problem.

We have listed some basic questions that players are generally most interested in. Through this list, you will gain more experience in better understanding your betting behavior, helping you to identify which sportsbook best meets your desires.

What Sports You Want to Bet On

There are many sports you can bet on. However, not every site offers the best quality of bets and the best odds on your favorite sport. So you need to determine which sports you will bet on, and from there, find the platform that offers the best services on your sport.

For example, if you are a fan of football, its popularity will make it easy to find an appropriate website to place your bets. However, the same is not valid for less popular sports such as handball, basketball, or ice hockey. For these sports, you can look for sportsbooks located in Northern Europe, where there may be a strong audience interest in them, rather than Asia or other regions.

In addition, the locality also affects the quality of service that sports bookmakers provide.

Types of Bets You Want to Place

Choosing the betting market is also very important. Some players often overlook this aspect, however it will lead to inconvenience if they realise that the website they choose doesn’t offer the type of bet they want. Therefore, make sure that you have identified exactly the kind of bet you want (like a match bet, or a specific in-play bet etc) before you start looking for sports betting sites.

Minimum and Maximum Bets Allowed

That helps you find sites where you are in the operator’s segmentation. Specifically, if you are a high-roller and want to earn large profit through sports betting, you should look for platforms that allow a large maximum bet and vice versa. If you only consider betting as entertainment, sportsbooks that stipulate a low minimum allowed bet should be your priority. 

Banking Options

Although operators are looking to expand the number of payment methods available to maximise player convenience, this aspect varies greatly from site to site.

Additionally, customers from some countries will not be able to pay through options that are restricted in their jurisdiction. So, check if your daily payment method is available at the sportsbook you intend to deposit. 

Competitive Betting Odds

This should, of course, be at the top of the list of things to consider when choosing a sportsbook. The odds directly affect the player’s profit when placing a bet, and it is always desirable to gamble on platforms where the operator minimises their advantage. The simplest way for you to check this is to compare the odds of a particular match between different platforms.

Reading Genuine Customer Reviews

Reviews from other users are always important for you to consider when paying for any product or service. This makes even more sense for the sports betting market as it can increase your profits if you find a quality sports betting site this way.

There are two ways to read these reviews. The first way is through the very betting site you consider using. Usually, platforms that care about their customers will provide reviews from other users about it in a separate category on the homepage.

The second way you can access this information is through independent review sites. That is where many players will share their real experiences at various sports betting platforms. Looking at the objectivity of these reviews, you can usually tell which bookmakers are worth avoiding, and which platforms offer good service quality and quick payments.

Familiarising Yourself With the Options

Think about creating a shortlist of websites to refer to and comment on their offerings and performance.

The first point is whether the site is easy to navigate. This issue is related to website usability, and it affects your betting experience. You can gauge this by repeatedly accessing the sports betting markets and checking the processing times of the homepage.

Next is the transaction processing time. You can try making deposits and withdrawals in small amounts to see how long it takes for the funds to be credited to your account.  

Besides, it would help if you also tried placing bets on these sites to estimate the complexity of the operations. Some sites will offer free bets for you to do this without risk.

Finally, the quality of user support service is also a factor you can evaluate. Try contacting the platform’s team of representatives through the available methods to check their effectiveness.

Knowing How to Disqualify Options

Eliminating some options will make the process of finding the right sportsbook for you much quicker than if you were to create a list yourself based on matching criteria. For example, if you are interested in esports betting, you can of course optimise your search time by eliminating sites that do not have this option.


The sports betting market is just like any other market, in that no single sportsbook is right for everyone, and you’re a customer choosing a website that provides the best quality of service for you. 

We hope that from this article you’ll be provided with the means to make your sportsbook search process effective and avoid wasting time . However, keep in mind that it’s important you choose a reputable platform to play on. 

Promoted article (contains affiliate links, you must be aged 18 and over to gamble, please bet responsibly)

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