New LoL Debonair skins announced including LeBlanc, Malzahar, Yi, Zed, Leona, Draven and Prestige Edition Brand

debonair skins leblanc malzahar

A collection of new League of Legends Debonair skins have been announced today, adding to a skin line that has been somewhat under-represented over the years.

Riot Games has revealed there will be eight new Debonair skins added to LoL:

  • Debonair LeBlanc (pictured, right)
  • Debonair Malzahar (pictured, left)
  • Debonair Master Yi
  • Debonair Leona
  • Debonair Draven
  • Debonair Zed
  • Debonair Brand
  • Debonair Brand Prestige Edition

The skins are also expected to receive different coloured chromas too.

Debonair skins feature a smart, formal look for League of Legends champions, who usually wear white suits in this range.

These new Debonair 2.0 skins, however, add a splash of green to the usual white for the first time – a Zaun-style Chemtech look.

You can see the splash art and animations of the various upcoming 2021 Debonair skins in these tweets on the official League of Legends UK, Ireland and Nordics account:

Existing Debonair League of Legends skins include Ezreal, Galio, Jayce and Vi.

The latter two, Jayce and Vi, of course star in the new League of Legends ‘Arcane’ Netflix animation, and there are separate Arcane Vi, Jayce, Caitlyn and Jinx skins available to unlock in-game for free.

Moobeat also showed off some new Debonair 2.0 summoner icons:

The new Debonair skins are expected to launch in patch 11.24 on December 8th 2021.

We’ll update this article when we receive further information on RP costs and so on.

Earlier this month, new Cafe Cutie skins were announced for League of Legends including Bard, Soraka, Vladimir, Gwen, Sivir, Annie and… Jelly Tibbers.

And in other recent League of Legends news, Undercity Nights, the final phase of RiotX Arcane promo activity includes a live League of Legends Secret Cinema event, a $100,000 Riot Gauntlet charity tournament and more.

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