Mad Lions distance themselves from content creator after ‘disparaging’ tweet blaming Carzzy for Worlds 2021 exit was called out by LoL community

mad lions exit worlds 2021

Image credit: LoLEsports Twitter

A Mad Lions shareholder has come under fire from the League of Legends community for a harsh tweet throwing the team’s ADC Carzzy under the bus, after the side was knocked out of Worlds 2021.

Mad Lions fell 3-0 to Korean team Damwon Gaming in the quarter final today, ending what has been an incredible year for the organisation, having won both the Spring 2021 LEC and the Summer 2021 LEC.

Mad Lions were EU’s last hopes in the League of Legends World Championships, but realistically, they were not expected to win today’s match against one of, if not the, best LoL team in the world right now.

However, Mad Lions content creator, ambassador and co-owner Luis Miguel Amor, aka Revenant, felt the need to throw the team’s 19-year-old Czech bot lane/ADC player Matyáš ‘Carzzy’ Orság under the bus in an unusual tweet.

He said, in a now-deleted tweet (as translated by Erlo on Twitter): “Too bad to see [Mad jungler] Elyoya like this, having to carry everyone alongside [Mad support player] Kaiser, I still think that Carzzy does not have the level to play even though he gives things to the team that they consider important.

“I’d 100% get [Mad academy ADC] Flakked in but I have no power in these decisions.”

Revenant has now apologised, but the damage has been done.

The League of Legends community responded en masse, led by British LEC caster Medic, whose tweet response has had over 2,000 likes:

A host of other people in the LoL esports community responded and this Reddit post quickly reached the front page of the League of Legends Subreddit.

Mad Lions also put out a statement saying Revenant is ‘not part of the ownership group or management and does not speak for Mad Lions or (the team’s parent company) Overactive Media’.

The weird thing is, Revenant had actually written some really nice words about Mad Lions earlier today. He said: “It’s nice to dream and at Mad Lions we have dreamed. When I joined this club I thought of everything we could do, but I never imagined winning 2 LECs the following year. I am more proud than ever to be from this club.

“Whether today hurts or disappoints, I promise you that we will return to give joy to Europe and Spain. Thanks for your support.”

Here are some more responses from the community on Revenant’s now-deleted tweet:

Carzzy himself responded with a laugh and the following tweets:

Revenant joined Mad Lions last year ‘to become the new ambassador and an important part of Mad Lions’ brand building efforts’, as announced on the Overactive Media (Mad Lions’ parent company) website.

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