UK/Ireland League of Legends teams are taking part in the £2,500 UK Winter Showdown this weekend

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Seven UK and Ireland League of Legends teams are taking part in a £2,500 UK Winter Showdown this weekend, including Nox, Resolve Academy, Viperio and more.

The UK Winter Showdown is one of several individual tournaments, with others taking place for teams from Finland, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. These other competitions had seeding tournaments, but with the lower number of UK teams entering, the UK Winter Showdown kicks off today without a separate seeding stage.

The Winter Showdown is invite-based, and for the UK, teams from the UKEL and UKLC were invited. It kicks off today (October 2nd) from 6pm BST on the SQ1 Twitch channel.

You can see the full calendar here and today’s schedule here:

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You can also see the full list of teams in the other tournaments here, including Astralis Talent and Absolved Gold in the Denmark Winter Showdown. However, bear in mind some have changed since this was published.

The UK teams taking part are LDN UTD, Resolve Academy, Viperio, NOX Esports, Demise and Lionscreed, and the Irish team is Munster Rugby Gaming.

London Esports withdrew due to not completing the roster in time, and it seems like Lionscreed will be sitting out today so that six others are taking part.

In terms of the UK prize pool, the £2,500 will only be distributed towards the playoffs, with the winner taking 60%, second place taking 30%, and at last third place taking 10%.

For the format, the tournaments will feature a seeding stage, group stage and playoffs. said on its website: “To make the offseason and the dull fall and winter months a bit more fun, we are booting up for the Winter Showdown with a prize pool for each country. This format will include the two top divisions for the Nordic countries and have everyone compete side by side in each country just like you might know it from the Chinese League of Legends Demacia Cup.”

Esports News UK asked organisers whether the winners from the different countries could play each other.

Christian Vejvad from said: “We would have liked (and know many other teams would) to see the best of each country compete against each other. This isn’t looking to happen simply because we get too close to Christmas and the official LoL Nordic league rights have been given to Freak4U.”

Esports News UK has asked organisers what time the matches start today (October 2nd) and what the stream is, and we’ll update this article when we hear back.

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